A Student asks Dada J.P.Vaswani, what is the thought for today? Dada J.P. V  বেশি পড়ুন...
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Do Good To Receive Blessings
          Come back my love! From this valley you moved in summer   Kissed me tenderly swiped away my tears  promised to come back at the earliest  summe  বেশি পড়ুন...
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Come back my love!
  This morning, Someone put to question to Dada J. P. Vaswani: - “What is meant by happy and blessed day? “Every come to us as a gift out f the spotless Hands  বেশি পড়ুন...
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Let Every Day be a Happy Blessed Day
A Paean to Mellow Love <!-- [if !supportLineBreakNewLine]--><!--[endif]--> Was there ever, in a time before this presence of a love, distilled clear, ang  বেশি পড়ুন...
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A Paean to Mellow Love
In the world full chaos, I find peace in You... When all turn their back, I find strength in You... With all savouring externally, I find soul in You... Wih everyone  বেশি পড়ুন...
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By Priyanka in Poetry
तुम कहते हो ना कि प्यार नहीं है  परवाह तो है ना फिर चलेगा  मेरी ब  বেশি পড়ুন...
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To chalega
By kamayani in Poetry
Love Awaits  My breeze has changed its direction My heart’s dancing on new tunes  My feet wanting to fly in the sky My mind thinks all about you and only you.    বেশি পড়ুন...
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Love Awaits
              જીવન ના દર્દ ને આશ નહીં મળે ,               જગતમાં માનવ બધા સાર  বেশি পড়ুন...
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" એ સનમ "
By Nitu in Poetry
#Singer_Alka_Yagnik   বেশি পড়ুন...
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By vishu in Poetry
He is the apple of her eye The only star in her sky. Still a kid in her arms  Inheriting all her charms Yes, he is my grandmother’s son.    He is her heart’s   বেশি পড়ুন...
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A Father
तुम कहीं भी रहो गर मेरे आस पास हर कहीं हो परवाह नहीं फ़ुर्कतो की  বেশি পড়ুন...
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“तुम कहीं भी रहो”
I miss those hands  That fitted in perfectly tight  And always guided me right  I miss those arms  Within which I was guarded  N loved so much that transferred  বেশি পড়ুন...
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Incomplete nostalgia of love
By iram patwekar in Poetry
  .                      And thrown many of the people into confusion. He got up and said to them:-“Do not for a moment believe that God does not exi  বেশি পড়ুন...
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Eternal Lord’s Love Is Tears
There are two couples. Both of them having different thinking. They are not aware in future they are going to be couples. Both parents change their birthday date. Bu  বেশি পড়ুন...
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By VIGNESH MDV in Stories
I had never thought any of this  Vastly captivated by your bliss  With you time seems to fly  Our friendship shall glorify   Those moments are precious  Those e  বেশি পড়ুন...
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With Love, Your BFF