Falling for an ecofreak!! If you ever invite me to thy Lavish little lawn for brunch meal.. I'd  show up in a monochromatic suit and multicolored espadrilles. You  বেশি পড়ুন...
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Falling for an ecofreak
By prakarsh in Poetry
  रात का किनारा भी कभी आयेगा जो शक्स कभी बिछड़ा था दुबारा भी आयेग  বেশি পড়ুন...
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Milne aayga
By kunal napa in Poetry
न जाने इस मुसाफ़िर दिल की आरज़ू क़्या ज़र्रे ज़र्रे में  शामिल   বেশি পড়ুন...
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' आँखों से कह दो '
I remember that day when I first saw you. It was in 7th standard. You came to return my copy which was taken by your friend and you came on his behalf to return me '  বেশি পড়ুন...
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First Crush
Sun drop his curtain, Still peeping out from the peephole; You know why? Cos It's time for my dear's advent. Not only Sun but also all Deity came! To gaze her cosmo  বেশি পড়ুন...
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Once in a land, in the kingdom by the sea,there lived a girl named Beverly.She was attached to me.While we always sat beneath a flowery tree,in the kingdom by the s  বেশি পড়ুন...
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மனம் பிரியா துயரை,  பிரிந் தளித்து சென்றாய்...  என்னவள் உன்னுள  বেশি পড়ুন...
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என்னவள் உன்னுள் தவறில்லை
By sathya in Poetry
No secret, no lies- Love never hides. A feeling so good, Where even silence is understood. A feeling that makes one complete, And a tune to which the heart beats. It  বেশি পড়ুন...
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By Merrily Messy in Poetry
                                                                             साजन आज तुम आन मिलो  বেশি পড়ুন...
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साजन तुम आज आन मिलो ---
      Silence Is Precious                                  The practice of silence is one of my favourite ideals and I have wr  বেশি পড়ুন...
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Silence Is Precious
I was a heavy cloud in the vast sky.You were a cold breeze condensing me, which passed by.. I was dropping down, pouring like the first rain.You were the earth below  বেশি পড়ুন...
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Who's on the other side?
By Vineela in Poetry
समय बीतता गया और दूरियां बढ़ती गई ख्याल तुम्हारा दब गए पलकों तल  বেশি পড়ুন...
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Thoughts of you haunt me stillWhy didn’t I fit the billMy ruminations race back to our love shackJust as I fail to decipher where we lost trackWas it during the lo  বেশি পড়ুন...
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Love Shack
By Dr. Shwetha K in Poetry
Helloo guys....We have all been asked to love everyone and everything from childhood itself.This was the first lesson our parents taught us. Irrespective of all the   বেশি পড়ুন...
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Two men with my heart
By Uthara in Stories
I feel like writing everytime, It reminds me of being a poetess all the time. When thoughts are sublime, Feelings are pure but none to share; Mind gets mesmerized in  বেশি পড়ুন...
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I feel like writing everytime
By Nikita Panda in Poetry