Short Stories

                                                       In his immortal sermon on the Mount, Jesus Christ exho  Read More...
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                                                                         As we grow spirit 
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On My Deathbed   Being six years old is hard and your parents forgetting you is harder. As much as my little brain can remember, they never really wanted me. I sp  Read More...
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On My Deathbed
By Bedasruti Saha in Stories
A rainy day..seems like gods had a fight and the goddesses are crying to make them stop fighting. What an imagination right   Read More...
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Love at first sight
By Uthara in Stories
Two different people from two extents of this world, nothing in common... There was a magnetic attraction in ur voice that made those stupid talks sweet as honey. Th  Read More...
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Forever in love
By Uthara in Stories
I remember that day when I first saw you. It was in 7th standard. You came to return my copy which was taken by your friend and you came on his behalf to return me '  Read More...
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First Crush
Hi guys, This story is based about me. Hope you enjoy it. Prologue My life was just marvelous till I noticed her at my sibling's wedding. This girl invaded my life.   Read More...
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. I tenderly caress my hands over the *Forever Tree* while sitting on the park bench circumscribing it, aimlessly. Forever Tree that's what we used to call it. Ironi  Read More...
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The Forever Tree
By Sahil in Stories
Anuja downed the fever medicine just before the shoot. Thankfully, the dreaded test was negative, but the test-and-wait phase had sucked the life out of her. She had  Read More...
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Coffee with Anu Aunty
The monsoon air was stifling. It had rained all night, but the morning was hotter than ever. Rain can only do so much when its up against a summer in Calcutta. Shubh  Read More...
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Fish Fingers
With a promise of togetherness they moved into a relationship.  Loveee was pure and the hearts were loyal. A storm stroke into their relationship  and made them ap  Read More...
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"Promise to be never apart"
He asked moon .. who's more beautiful? Moon said .. whom , you are talking about you have no one in life !! He laughed with a little embarrassment in it !! He said .  Read More...
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Friendship of a moon and soul !!
By VANSHIKA in Stories
yes , i do love you to the moon and back was at the tip of the tongue on that day                                                          Read More...
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Yes , I do I do I do ❣️
There were days when I had a shoulder where the evening was passing and so were our time. That evening was dark mysterious soothing just like you and your  hands fr  Read More...
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Fleeting evening
By eshita in Stories
The day I was travelling to Trivandrum, I was in my black-dyed gown with a sandal touched bow on the hip. The 9-year-old me was travelling to Trivandrum with my mom  Read More...
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I Cherish You