Those were the nights  I actually waited my whole life.  When I realised that in the night sky Where stars aren't just shining  And moon isn't trying to hide from  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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The First Night
By Afiya zannuba jaleel in Poetry
Love is priceless and tagless Love has  it’s vicissitudes  and repercussion just as Success has its up and  downs  Sometimes loves emotions flow like  The  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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The passion of love
  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Eli and Ava
  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Eli and Ava
In the sun kissed morning Among the falling leaves My cold numb heart fell prey to Beauty and charm and heaves As the wind blows colder Melting the icy wall I seek l  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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What heart wants
By TAMANNA in Poetry
If writing romance is my hobby  Then you are the inspiration for that...    ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Writing Romance
By Hariharan SP in Poetry
If you believe You can see the magic door Reach for the knob And open the door And walk into the enchanted world There is a door Having a belief you can see Enchante  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Magic door
                                                   BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON So, we'll go no more a-roving  So late into the night, Though   ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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        I asked “Love who are you?” Love smiled and said, “I am the sweetest emotion within you.” I said “Love but why I can't see you?” Love again   ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Love, who are you?
By Samata in Poetry
    You stepped into my life to be with me forever. But what exactly sparked between us, to make you so dear?   You came into my life when I was all alone, And G  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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With Love to Love
By Samata in Poetry
The moon, resplendent joyous and glorious, shone softly. Benign and generous, bestowing peace. We sat by the brook, in quiet harmony, letting the calm serenity engul  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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The Moon Me And Him
By Pooja in Poetry
Strolling around the artsy town, Of crooked lanes and cobblestones. Every stone is a milestone, Of love or of hate, Of guilt or of fate. Wearing a tuxedo, just uncer  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Glass of wine
By Anisha in Poetry
Women cannot be made to order. Life is not a rhyming poem. Everyone and everything is flawed . Just like this unrhyming piece. Love me for who I am, with my imperfec  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Only love
By Pooja in Poetry
There is no flaw in my love; it's pure and true. It's absolute. It is you who is like a sieve. It is you who has a void. You can't seem to hold the love in. But you   ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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By Pooja in Poetry
Love doesn't happen at once , It blooms gradually! Like the seed of rose it is gradually seeped, with the water of affection. And it's soil is nourished  with the i  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Love doesn't happen at once.
By Farhat Imteyaz in Poetry