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Books by Sujeer Lukose

The book "VERITY VOICES" is a book that reflects the perspective of the Voice in all genuinity  .Its goes on to elaborate  the sounds in nature and  the perspectives of on various  articles ,travelogues,etc . 

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Books by Sujeer Lukose

There are moments of joy as well as  moments  of sorrow lingering in the air .mostly of the past but  remembering in the present and relishing in the future .From time to time  these moments are brought together as memoirs  or reminescences  of past

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Books by Sujeer Lukose

The book "FOLK FABLES " is a collection of  short  folk stories collected  from  across the world  .This  would  be a  gripping  read for children  as  it  contains  enriching stories  that  keeps them enthralled .

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Books by Sujeer Lukose

The book MILK-BREAK is  a compilation of jokes  and riddles  .The book consists of more than 80  jokes and 15 riddles ..The jokes  are funny and hilarious  as most of them deal with parent to child and  vice versa  interactions ..So tender and  nice  are  they that jokes are  gripping and  enriching to the reader..Adding spice to the jokes  are  a collection riddles that anyone can say&

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Books by Sujeer. Lukose

Pensive  ponderings is a  short  book that includes  short writings,  articles ,stories , daily  lessons and reflected  on them .Every day teaches a new lesson  from moment  of life  and  these contain archives of lesson gathered  from daily thoughts .

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Books by Sujeer Lukose

These short writings are a collection of pondered stories, short poetic thoughts, travelogues, and philosophical anecdotes all written for amusement. Some are evolutions of the mind out of sheer inquisitiveness. This is the sequel to   “Snippets &Soliloquies”.  “Mellow Musings” are like treasures of dimes, the writings of which are easy  to read and digest.

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The book "SNIPPETS &SOLILOQUIES are a collection of short writings that I personally cherish. Beginning in a poetic style ,the books delves on various others forms of writing ,poetic thoughts,reminiscences of my school days and from daily blogs to articles, own quotes to travelogues., I wrote for its own flair and in the process enriched myself. hope you all enjoy reading the same .

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An ode for. Dads affection

By SUJEER LUKOSE in Stories | Reads: 63 | Likes: 0

An Ode for dad’s affection  How empty life is without the presence of dad  Miles away he is still running his old shop relentlessly And miles away I’m still living a new life.  Life was  consistent in his presence.  I had watched my father prosper all the years I had  been with him He w  Read More...

Published on Feb 17,2021 09:35 AM

Love in-depth

By SUJEER LUKOSE in Stories | Reads: 89 | Likes: 0

Love is that emotion  that has many  forms in  the passage of life  .When a baby  you experience cuddles in the hands of your mother and father because the touch and a affection you receive brings out the joy and ebullience in you. As age passes by from  time to time you  gather friend  Read More...

Published on Feb 17,2021 08:43 AM

The passion of love

By SUJEER LUKOSE in Poetry | Reads: 101 | Likes: 0

Love is priceless and tagless Love has  it’s vicissitudes  and repercussion just as Success has its up and  downs  Sometimes loves emotions flow like  The ebb and flow of the ocean waves   Sometimes it’s resilient like the waters of the rivers  Sometimes it’s so calm like a lake   Read More...

Published on Feb 16,2021 06:24 PM

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