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Are you okay? The most frequent question asked by ppl yet we are not okay,are we? Deep inside,we all are broken or alone or depressed. But what we need to learn is   ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Are you okay?
Devansu rathva funny  story  Devansu  rathva  close friend krisha  ahir and jay  thakkur  Bhajiyas party on railway station  gopalpuri gandhidam kutch So fu  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Devansu rathva bhajiya story
When I first met you,I was at the crossroads,stuck between falling backinto a shattered worldand finding a reason to breathe.I chose to breathe.I chose your hand.I n  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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You are the disease as well as cure
कल व्हॅलेंटाइन डे था।आकांक्षा का प्रेमी आकाश अपाहिज था,आकांक्  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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लंगडा प्रेमी
                                       The tick turned blue, yet again. She received another Whatsapp message from him , “Where are you?” She  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Respond. Don't React
By Uthara Murugamanikkam in Stories
Is it an incident or reality, come on let's find out. I remembered that day from the last october, my exams were going on at this time and it was 3rd november I was   ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Is I am more then a friend?
I wish that we wouldn't have ever met.. I wish that  I wouldn't have accepted your request.. I wish that we wouldn't have been friends.. I wish that I wouldn't have  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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I wish
By Sheetal in Stories
Once a Warrior King became famous amongst his men because of his devotion to the Master of all Masters. He had also constructed several beautiful temples in differen  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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The Warrior King
                                                                                   This Valentine can be a quintessential o  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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A New Crack Of Dawn
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My Friends
By Anil babasaheb shinde in Stories
Rudran walked into their room after his workout and closed the door slowly.  Bhairavi was getting dressed.“Rudra…” she hissed as he pulled her by her saree in  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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I love you Rudran
I know broken hearts pain, I know love hurts, I know true love never fades away, I know sometimes living is hell, I know time heals, I know sometimes a story is firs  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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First... & Forever
By R.shi in Stories
From the window, I could feel the rain pelt on the car. My Viola, my love was in the hospital. How did this happen? My heart was pounding at several possibilities. M  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Without You
By Nivedita in Stories
I really don't know what bond I share with you, but you mean to me more than my few close friends.You are someone whose happiness, sadness even your pain matter to m  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Special bonds.
As i stepped outside my house, i felt energetic and happy. There was something about this morning which was unusual. I started walking in the forest, feeling and obs  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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A blue watch
By Anchal in Stories