LIFE OF A GIRL  If you look back into history  Many of bravest and courageous women were born  But 2 of them were the greatest  One is Draupadi another is sita  आणखी वाचा...
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Life of a girl
How foolish I'm ? Asked promise from.....her  How stupid I'm ?  To make her feel herself guilty by my things ....... How idiotic I'm ? Who wants to share every mom  आणखी वाचा...
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By Uttamsrinivas in Poetry
I love you  Not more than my ambition Not more than myself  Not more than love between us  Not more than the gift of making love  But  More than my attitude and  आणखी वाचा...
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I love you
By Uttamsrinivas in Poetry
The sand felt soft under my feet No more cruel pebbles will defeat me The sand took me to the heavens World is so peaceful here no one can bully me O'mother your q  आणखी वाचा...
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After Life
Just a eyelock on very first day I saw you, I didn't felt anything, Just as a Stanger, We started to talk by some situation, Then as a class representative, we start  आणखी वाचा...
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How I felt the meaning of LOVE
By thara in Poetry
You can run you can hideStay or leave you decideSomething with belief you repliedSome loosen ends are still untied You can run you can hideTo turn the life all upsid  आणखी वाचा...
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By Prajwal Sharma in Poetry
Revelations were quite shockingActions took were very provokingSins commited cannot be undoneListening to those things made it spun Betrayal was a common factorRoles  आणखी वाचा...
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By Prajwal Sharma in Poetry
When I was your man Should have bought you a gift You invited me in your clan Then why did we drift When I was your man You were not pleasant Living happy was the p  आणखी वाचा...
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When I was your man
By Prajwal Sharma in Poetry
It was night when you slept peacefully with closed eyes. Dawn came when you opened your grey eyes. Sun peeked through the clouds when you brushed your golden hai  आणखी वाचा...
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By darpanraj n deoghare in Poetry
The first touch: When fast beating hearts, And trembling fingers, Experience a sigh of relief and acceptance, From the significant other, By the warmth of touch and   आणखी वाचा...
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The first touch
By Shabnam Ameenudeen in Poetry
Maybe you were my cigarette Each day 10s 20s puff of relief.  That ring of love, that smoke of lust, You were my joint and my pressure point.  No mornings would s  आणखी वाचा...
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By Anjali Jha in Poetry
Dear you, It's true when they say that love will come to you when you stop looking for it. I was searching for a love so strong and pure that would consume me into i  आणखी वाचा...
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To you, with Love.
I’ll bring some verses to enchant your day throughout, Baby, you're the one it’s about. The days so empty without you… I feel like winds rush… just to remin  आणखी वाचा...
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About throughout
Not this huge mystery waiting to be found, Nor is it a feeling of being perpetually bound. It is more than sonnets, songs and tunes, And all the ballads that the Ve  आणखी वाचा...
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Love is...
By Sunanda in Poetry
Black and white they stretched for miles, Little pebbles along my beautiful shore. I loved bathing them each time my waves crashed, Only to recede and have them a  आणखी वाचा...
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The Pebbles and the Footprints
By Sunanda in Poetry