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Anamika Jha

Speaker, writer, reviewer.
Speaker, writer, reviewer.


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Books by Bit By Bit Medicine

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Cascade Of Feelings

Books by Kumar Saksham And Anamika Jha

What really is a cascade? A small waterfall ! It could be of anything that flows.... But, what flows better than feelings and emotions? Well... NOTHING.

Welcome to such a cascade of two young lovers, as a dedication to each other and their own self. 

We didn't conceal our feelings... we let it flow; and that is exactly what we want you to do while you read and join our CASCADE OF FEELINGS.

Lose yourself in our flow and pick

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About throughout

By Anamika Jha in Poetry | Reads: 170 | Likes: 22

I’ll bring some verses to enchant your day throughout, Baby, you're the one it’s about. The days so empty without you… I feel like winds rush… just to remind me of you! Every star in the night sky, Tickle like memories of our dreams passing by. And when your face comes to show, Oh my… i  Read More...

Published on Feb 21,2021 09:10 AM

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