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Battle of the Spheres Crust, Mantle and Core

Author Name: Melita Tessy | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

What would you do if you disappear into the earth’s Core to find a new civilization? A civilization with plans to use you, to annihilate humanity?

What if it was too late to realize that you were taking bullets for the one behind the trigger? Would you sacrifice what you must-who you must? How will you choose between what you know, and what you feel?

“I can’t live a lie. I can’t run from my life.”

Jacelyn and the Cruman Prince and the Mantlanian Princess choose to stand and fight. To change what must be changed, save what must be saved...and destroy what must be destroyed in the Earth. Will they remain like stars that never saw the sky? Or will they become legends whose names will never die?...

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Melita Tessy

Born and raised in the tropical Indian city of Chennai, fifteen-year-old Melita loves to write. This is her debut novel, ‘Battle of the spheres’, a story that she has pieced together from the time she was thirteen. A tale for all those hearts that would love an unimaginable adventure, a warm smile and a voice that screams, “You are stronger than your sufferings.”