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Cause and Effect - Philosophy of Existence of Non-Existence – Tatvabodh of Bhramgyan from Vedant/Upanishads Entropy vs Sanatan Satya

Author Name: S. Prakash | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

This book is about “Cause (kaaran) and Effect (karya),” philosophy which says that one event (kaaran) gives rise to something else (the effect). 

In this book, the author has explained soul (Atma/Atman/Consciousness), God (Ishwar/Bhram/Brahm), world (Jagat/Universe), happiness and sorrow, life and death, bondage and salvation (Moksha), life (Praan), inanimate (Jad) things, self-knowledge and ignorance (avidhya/agyaan), truth (Sat/Eternal Truth) and untruth (Asat), mind (Chitta), senses (Indriyaan) and Jiva through different Darshan Shastra.

This short, concise book gives a general idea of Jiva, Jagat, and Brahm. The author has tried his best to explain this concept with different stories so that the core concept can be understood better.

This does not claim to cover any course or exam curriculum; it is instead a motivational book. However, it might help build the foundation of students who are studying philosophy and motivate them to do something good for society and carry forward the legacy of THE SANATAN SATYA.

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S. Prakash

A Science graduate and project management certified professional who has worked in the IT industry for 17 years. Born and brought up in Delhi and later shifted to Bangalore to pursue his career in IT. He spends most of his time in research work in Astrology, teaching Astrology, and writing books on Astrology. In addition to that, he likes to spend his time reading Ramayan, Puranas, and Upanishad and studying Bhartiya and Western philosophies/Darshan.  

He reads about the lives of all the sant/saints/yogis born and their philosophies on Destiny and Karma.  

Prakash has done intense research on past life curses and how to curb them as per Vedic Literature from Vedanta/Upanishad and Puranas.  

S. Prakash is a Philosopher, Mythologist, Author and Astrologer.



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