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Chitt A touch to Indian Psychology & Philosophy

Author Name: Tzar Quetzalcoatl | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

A lengthy and diversified heritage of psychology and philosophy may be found in India. On a variety of facets of human existence, including cognition, emotion, motivation, personality, ethics, and spirituality, these traditions provide illuminating and insightful viewpoints. You may learn about some of the main ideas and theories of Indian psychology and philosophy by reading this book. Additionally, you will learn how to apply these ideas and theories to current problems and difficulties including stress management, mental health, interpersonal relationships, social justice, and environmental sustainability. You may learn about Indian psychology and philosophy and how they can improve your personal and professional life by reading this book.

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Tzar Quetzalcoatl

Tzar Quetzalcoatl (Ayush Singh), a writer, utilizes his artistic abilities to communicate his aspirations for revolution and to deal with his personal difficulties. His poetry often addresses important and relevant subjects, including social justice, environmental concerns, and mental health. He is an LGBTQ+ activist as well as a psychology student. As an activist, he fights for important causes and aspires to change the world for the better. His earlier writings are included here: The Glory Of Rainbow (2021), Expression of Words (2022), Per’sonnes (2022), Alfazoo Ki Tarange (2022) and Eloquence (2023 ).



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