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FISHY AFFAIR Fish Recipes From The Past And Present

Author Name: Diptendra Prasad Sinha | Format: Paperback | Genre : Cooking, Food & Wine | Other Details

Fish is an important item in our food chain. It is loaded with nutrients like polyunsaturated fatty acids, essential minerals, and easy-to-digest proteins. Fish items in our regular diet make us strong and healthy and boost our immunity no other food can do. India is blessed with a coastal belt on all three sides and has an abundance of rivers, lakes, and other water bodies for fish cultivation and fish harvests. Fish is a delicate food item and needs care and knowledge to prepare to get the right taste, texture, and flavour in the final prepared dish. Fishy Affair is a book on fish recipes with the exact details so that a novice can boldly venture with confidence to cook the dishes. The book is gradual on cooking expertise and one can graduate from the simple preparations to the most challenging ones. Typical regular home lunch dishes like Macher Jhol, Jhal to mustard added fish preparations, to the Anglo-Indian preparations like baked and fried dishes are all very lucidly written. There is a lot of variety in the seafood recipes the author mentioned with illustrations to make them doable. Prawns curries, Crabs curries, and Leaf Wrapped Paturis make the book interesting and worth reading. The author has personally tried out every recipe in this book and thus the recipes are presented easily and comprehensively for any person to do, provided he or she is brave enough to take up the challenge. All the photographs accompanying the recipes are shot by the author during the actual process of food preparation and thus one can check for the detailed outcome. These realistic photos will serve as a guide for anyone trying to cook the recipes.

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Diptendra Prasad Sinha

Diptendra Prasad Sinha is a passionate traveller who loves to explore new places and different cultures. He has travelled to various countries on four continents during the course of his work. An avid Himalayan lover, his love for the mountains has taken him to some of the most remote places in the Himalayas. He has worked for over 28 years in Sales out of which 23 years in the field of Scientific Analytical Instrumentation business, and have served as Country Sales Manager in India, for a US Multinational for over eight years. He is passionate about food and cooking and his travels to various countries on the four continents exposed him to various unique cuisines of those countries. Presently he has taken leave from active professional life and devotes his time as a full- time writer and indulges in his other hobbies, like gardening, cooking, photography and bird watching.



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