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Happily Being Me

Author Name: Jaya Chandrasekhar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

Seeing something magical and wistful, the author spins small motifs of joy and pain, laced with a tongue-in-cheek, impish sense of humour. Random moments, chance encounters and stray thoughts often touch a tender chord of memory or tug at the heartstrings. Casual observations raise questions and create awareness.

At times imagination takes wings to give them rainbow tones and curious shapes stolen from fantasy. Jaya Chandrasekhar captures such fleeting impressions and lasting memories in this book. It’s a light read with a breezy play of words, sentiments and ideas, emotional tease and frolic with the sunny side of life.

The emotional intelligence of the humble coconut vendor, the nostalgic camaraderie of the extended family, the concern for lost values, the overwhelming presence of technology and the mystery of vanishing flower pots are all part of this insubstantial, chaotic pageant of life.

It’s a glimpse into the joyous world of a romantic, liberated soul.

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Jaya Chandrasekhar

In love with the English language and literature, right from her college days, the allure deepened and the passion remained all through the years. With a postgraduate degree in English language and literature from Madras University and a bachelor of education degree from Mahatma Gandhi University, it has been a fascinating bond leading to a teaching career across a wide spectrum of challenging experiences with interesting multinational and multilingual students. 

Travelling within the country and abroad as the spouse of a highly placed civil servant brought her into a rich vibrant interface with distinguished persons. This opened up a world of understanding and appreciation of different cultures and a historical perspective was added to her love of literature. As a freelance trainer at Inlingua – The International School of Languages, New Delhi, and Wall Street Institute of English in Geneva, she explored new frontiers and sought fresh horizons.

Settled in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, she rediscovered the beauty of English literature while training civil service aspirants at the Fortune Academy. Her first book, A Walk to Tintern Abbey and Beyond, is an adoring tribute to the great, inspiring masters of English literature.

This book is a light-hearted indulgence in the happy hours spent walking on the sun-kissed undulating lanes of Thiruvananthapuram, in the open-air, sylvan surroundings with lush green, wild vegetation, in the company of trees that stood like silent sentinels.

To her, it always felt fresh and tingling with new excitement, the hush and stillness bursting with secrets to reveal and breaking into the sights and sounds of man and nature. Each morning brought forth conversations, incidents, musings, emotions, thoughts and surprises waiting to be shared.



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