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by TSV Raghavan

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

Sadhana is a beautiful young girl born to two opposites –

a saintly mother and a materialistic father.

Thanks to her parents’ self-centered indifference towards their only child, Sadhana becomes wayward and precocious.

Then one day she is confronted by a sadistic teacher called Damayanthi who catches her off guard and gives her a treatment that develops a devious kink in the beautiful young girl.

Years later Sadhana, now a school dropout, gets an opportunity to apply the same kink to her advantage. She uses it to become the most loved and admired actress in tinsel town, with a new identity and name – Anamika.

Hailed as an epitome of womanhood, Anamika cruises to the top in her profession and achieves superstardom.

And then her past catches up with her.

* * *

The Final Orbit

When the car of a reclusive Indore businessman named Bhoopathi is found parked in a mango grove in Gwalior, Inspector Puran Singh tries to find out the whereabouts of its owner.

However, Bhoopathi has vanished into thin air.

While questioning Bhoopathi’s wife Sonia, Puran Singh comes to know that Bhoopathi was an orphan who hailed from a small town called Gokulpet near Chennai.

To help his friend Puran Singh, Senior Inspector Jacob Janardhanan tracks down the orphanage from where Bhoopathi hailed.

What will the investigators find as they steadily unravel the strange travails of this gifted young man through the murky waters of the Chennai underworld?

* * *








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