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RUDRARAHU Sometimes being only villain among villains is not enough

Author Name: Dr.gauravsingh Rawat | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

In the enthralling world of RudraRahu, a gripping psychological thriller, a single soul grapples with the shadows of his own psyche, leading to a battle between good and evil that could shatter an entire city.

Meet Rudra, an unassuming and gentle young man whose life is marred by a haunting secret: a personality disorder that manifests as an alter ego named Rahu. While Rudra seeks solace in simplicity, Rahu emerges with a sinister agenda—to become the ultimate villain, surpassing all others in history. His vision: to eradicate rival villains from the city, employing brutal methods that shock even the most hardened criminals. With a penchant for theatricality, Rahu evades the police effortlessly, pushing the city into a state of terror and chaos.

RudraRahu explores the intricacies of identity, morality, and the interplay between light and darkness within a single soul. As Rudra and Rahu collide in a battle for supremacy, readers will be captivated by the psychological depth of the characters and the pulse-pounding tension that builds with every page

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Dr.gauravsingh Rawat

Dr Gaurasingh Rawat a Performing arts educator, after dropping his engineering he started his journey full fledged as educator in dance and drama. Writing stories and directing movies and plays and sharing that knowledge with his students. Dr Gaurav currently teaches as MYP & IBDP Drama, Dance , Film educator in International schools. His passion brought him to debut his first screenplay book Rudra Rahu a psychological thriller. Dr.Gauravsingh Rawat a mulit talented personality an educator, director, writer, choreographer and. filmmaker.