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The Entrepreneur’s Wife

Author Name: Supriya Kurpad | Format: Paperback | Genre : Humor | Other Details

Ever wondered what the Entrepreneur’s journey really is like? Not from the perspective of the MBA textbooks that teach how the entrepreneur should prepare for the journey. Not from the perspective of the entrepreneur and the journey from idea to funding. Not from the perspective of the famous entrepreneurs like Gates, Bansals and Jobs, but from the perspective of the spouse of the entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur’s journey is never his own. Through this book, I have shared my story of what an entrepreneur’s spouse has to go through during the start-up phase. This is my personal experience and I am certain this will help entrepreneurs be prepared for a few situations while taking the plunge. It will also help their spouses and families understand the pressures an entrepreneur faces, the commitment levels expected, and how to deal with it.

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Supriya Kurpad

Supriya Kurpad is an engineering and MBA graduate. She has studied at MS Ramaiah Engineering college, Bangalore and James Cook University, Singapore. She has been working in the digital marketing space for the last 5 years and is passionate about internet marketing, particularly social media and Google Adwords. She has attended many entrepreneurial meet ups that happen regularly in Bangalore.

Two months into their marriage her husband took the plunge into entrepreneurship. They had talked about conventional marriage goals like buying a house and traveling. Neither of them was fully prepared for this journey of entrepreneurship.

In her first book, ‘The Entrepreneur’s Wife’, Supriya shares from real life experience about the journey of an entrepreneur from the spouse’s perspective.

With entrepreneurship becoming more popular, each of us surely knows an entrepreneur in our near or distant circles. This book has been written by Supriya in a simple manner to help connect with entrepreneurs and their spouses. She is sure that readers would relate to the content.

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