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Author Name: R RAMASUBRAMANIYAN | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

The attacks on the Religion of this land and its related and linked civilizational identity is on the rise from different quarters not only in India but across the world. All the current conflict trigger points work at different levels and are operated by a mix of different interest groups, but the end goal is to ring fence the religion called Hinduism and to make it fit the Western / Eurocentric framework of Religion; else it needs to be dismantled. This book is an attempt to give a fresh Indic perspective to the religion of this land. Hence the book is titled ‘The Third Eye’ - a new vision to view Bharat; a vision that does not get confined to a right or left or centric view point. It sits above all these views; it is ‘The Third Eye’. It also symbolically represents Shiva’s third eye, the opening of which burns everything; the attempt is to burn the current narrative with the
third eye so that we get to see / create a new vision of Bharat.

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“With passion, you can choose what you like to do and, do what you like.” I have lived by this rule throughout my 30 + years of professional career, putting passion into everything I do. Today, I come across as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the Branding, Marketing, Communication and Media domains. Wired to think unconventional and using unorthodox methods, I have given life to many clutter-breaking communications ideas; I understand the public perception business inside out. It is these thoughts and framework that made me write this book. Today, everything is about narrative and how people perceive reality. ‘Perception is the new Reality that we are all living in’. Every news article, every story, every idea has its own set of colours and perceptions. Media, Intelligentsia, Academia, Public Policy and Public Opinion are all shaped on how things are perceived and how people use their perception to understand these issues. India, that is Bharat, is understood through various lenses and perspectives by different groups / lobbies, each defining it to suit their point of view. But a heavily western- fortified view point is what is driving most of these narratives. I have tried to untangle some of these western frameworks that is being used to view our Dharmic practices and in the process tried to bring in a fresh and Indic point of view. I have analysed the current narrative and the conflict trigger points that are working at different levels by different interest groups. I have given my point of viewing these narratives and a way to dismantle these divisive conflict triggers so that we can try to reclaim our Dharmic roots. The goal was to see if we can create a new vision of Bharat 4.0; an attempt to build a framework that can be used to see afresh the religion and civilizational story of Hinduism.