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Trapped in an Embrace

Author Name: Asim Razi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Why did she want to die? Why did she want to kill herself? She had everything a woman her age could ever dream of: a loving husband, a beautiful daughter, a thriving career, caring friends, and a loving family. She was the desire of every man, envy of every woman, and pride of those who cared for her. Then why would she contemplate such an act? But some questions simply cannot be answered. You see, death, like everything else, is sometimes what a person just desires without reason. Life demands, death does not. It’s more like true love, which cannot be explained through logic or reason. It just is. It just happens.

As soon as she convinced herself that her plan was for the best, a tear began forming in the corner of her eye and trickled down her cheek to meet its inevitable fate. She was crying but couldn’t remember the last time she had shed a tear. Despite the sadness, she couldn’t help but smile at the feeling it gave her. She appreciated every little nuance of every emotion life had to offer. She felt both, too much and too little. She stood and took a final look at the intricate allures of her life, her sanctuary, before embarking on the path she had planned to take. She took a deep breath, spread her arms like the wings of a bird soaring towards the zenith, closed her eyes and moved forward towards the edge of the cliff. Next was the leap of faith. Just in a moment. And that’s when she heard his voice.

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Asim Razi

Mohammed Asim, a lawyer by profession hailing from the historical town of ‘Aurangabad’ in Maharashtra, India, is a man of many talents. Under the pen name ‘Razi’, pronounced just as it is written, with a single ‘A’, he is known for his prowess in Urdu poetry and his deep appreciation for the arts, including music and literature. As he puts it, “Words are poems yet to be put together. Poetry is a necessity.” For the first time, he is venturing into the world of writing with his debut novella, ‘Trapped in an Embrace’, which holds special significance to him. It is his attempt at redemption, though from what or who, remains a mystery. Through his captivating storytelling, Azim Razi aspires to touch the hearts of his readers, unveiling unexplored parts of themselves. With his journey as a professional writer just commencing, he looks forward to a fruitful path ahead.