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Weave Some More

Author Name: Benita Patnaik | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Catching up with Bhaskar after a gap of ten years had been wonderful. But when Avinash is confronted with the dead body of Bhaskar the next morning, he is assailed with questions for which he can find no answers.

Tara, Bhaskar’s wife, cut short her holiday and is asked to identify the disfigured corpse. She hysterically refuses to accept that it is her husband.

Inspector Sood is confronted with an unidentified corpse.

The Colonel surveys his kingdom and believes the worst of all the people in the colony.

Megha and Kartik, the young artist couple, bring a breath of fresh air into this little holiday township. Megha’s accidental death and Kartik’s suicide confuse the whole issue.

Does the Inspector find Bhaskar and identify the corpse? Is he able to play hide-and-seek with the murderer?

Do Divakar, Bhaskar’s brother, and his wife, Grace, have anything to do with all this?

Where does Smita, Bhaskar’s old flame, come in here?

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Benita Patnaik

Benita Patnaik is a poet, blogger and author. Weave Some More is the third novel on the block. Her debut novel was Real Dreams (2019), followed by a collection of short stories, Dare Me and Other Stories (2020). Her fascination for crime, mystery and the unknown has made her explore a world tinged with the nuances of a parallel world.  

Her passion for English literature found her in the world of academics for over a decade, helping students understand the nuances of the subject. Subsequently, she was on the Board of Directors (as Director of Education) at the Schutz American School, Alexandria, for three years. 

Read more of her blogs, poetry and her interests at lifeasitiswordpresscom.wordpress.com, importanceofbeingeme.benita.blogspot.com and binny22.com.