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Wisdom after Vagabond

by Amandeep Singh

Format: Paperback

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When I went to take a photograph near a weird-looking statue, the statue suddenly spoke, "five euros per photo, please." I clicked the photo without paying him and he shouted at me. He said that he had never met such a shameless person in his life, to which I replied that even I had never met a statue in my life that demands money!

I also felt that the upper Himalayas in India was still isolated. Kaza, in the Lahaul and Spiti district of Himalayas can be improved by Indian government into a big tourist hub just by improving a few infrastructural facilities and match the western world in terms of food and luxury….

A weak woman created by God only seeks love, respect and protection from her man. She won't even hesitate to murder God. Does he simply mean that she can do impossible work for him?

Author Amandeep Singh has a vision to always make everyone's brain beautiful, confident and stress-free with his writing.

He believes that there is nothing more wonderful than seeing life as "Humanity." He describes his life as a mixture of rich and poor, where he enjoyed it both as a king and as a poor village/agriculturist laborer. He has awareness and a great sense of the existence of the multiplicity of human cultures and human beings. He is thankful to those who have helped him with his chronic pain & depression for thirty-five years from the age of twelve. He has a selfless dream of his life to build temple, gurudwara, church, mosque, old age home, hospital and school all together in one place.



Wisdom after Vagabond





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