By Ravishanker Sunderam in Autobiography | Reads: 2,036 | Likes: 6
I nervously made my entrance, super slow step by super slow step, into a place I had never seen before  - not even on the Warner Brothers back lot.  The butterflies in my solar plexus did a Salsa - none of the training in voice carry and theatrical gesture prepared me for this.     Read More...
Published on Jun 12,2022 10:20 AM
Girl to Women- An Adventures Journey
By Mannat Kaur in Autobiography | Reads: 5,142 | Likes: 42
As I often emphasize, It is a matter of pride to be born a female. A beautiful soul is often blessed with a girl’s body. It is true that a girl's life is full of challenges from the beginning, not only because of the physical pains she must endure in the course of her life but also because of   Read More...
Published on Jun 23,2022 02:50 PM
My Mother is a Catholic Nun
By rya079 in Autobiography | Reads: 1,682 | Likes: 0
I am 'Bujji Kutta - Chella patta - Mummle - Mari, Chell mann', my dad lovingly used to call me with these pet names. I enjoy to hear such pampering sounds that have unique meaning only my dad knows. My elder sister called me when I was an infant and toddler 'Pinky boy' latter in turned out as ' BABL  Read More...
Published on Jun 17,2022 06:12 PM
My Own Boswell
By prmohanrajan in Autobiography | Reads: 2,977 | Likes: 13
Where do I begin ? I think it's right to start at the Bandra, Mumbai home of Sub Inspector Chandu Desai. I was born to Lakshmi who littered 7, all true bred Doberman pups. Thanks to Chandu's police contacts, he was well known for certified pedigreed dogs. A father and son came, not very sure of th  Read More...
Published on Jun 23,2022 06:59 PM
An unconditional love
By manoengmcw in Autobiography | Reads: 3,726 | Likes: 32
AN UNCONDITIONAL LOVE A married woman who wears typical Indian looks started narrating her love story to her friend at work, whom she trusted a lot, and opened up her evergreen story of her marriage. She started narrating. It starts like this. Whenever I thought of that day, my eyes filled with tear  Read More...
Published on Jun 29,2022 06:03 PM