College life realities
By Shraddha Meshram in True Story | Reads: 124 | Likes: 3
Yaad hai mujhe college ka woh mera pehla din, jaha mai pohochi thi mere sapne lekar...Kuch aam tha woh pehla din kyuki har baar ki tarah uss din bhi mai akeli thi baithi pichle bench pr.... Pehle din ki baate toh sab karte hai, pr pehle din utna khaas nahi hota jitna ki hume bataya jata hai...Khaas   Read More...
Published on Jun 20,2020 02:50 PM
Ek Tarfa pyaar
By Riya Borbora in Poetry | Reads: 83 | Likes: 0
Ankho se door ho gaye ho jo tum Pata nahi kaha kho gaye ho tum Tum bin chain na aaye Pal pal yeh dil tujhe hi chahe Pehli baar jo tujhe dekha tha Khuda ka nawaza hua ishq ka tu jaariyan tha Himmat jod kar tujhse pyaar ka izhaar karne aya tha Magar shayad tujhe mujhse pyaar karna na gawara tha Koi au  Read More...
Published on Jun 20,2020 02:24 PM
By Riya Borbora in General Literary | Reads: 87 | Likes: 0
It was a cold morning. The leaves were still wet from the night's drizzle and a lone wind gushed through the air making everyone shiver in the cold.A huge gathering of people was seen in an open field. They are cheering. RAHUL! RAHUL!!, the field echoed triumphantly. It was an unbeatable applause. T  Read More...
Published on Jun 20,2020 02:21 PM
Loving him
By A.J.K. in Romance | Reads: 94 | Likes: 0
I was looking at him across the room,he was staring out of the window.with a small smile gracing his lips.Seeing him smile a smile get on lips too. Why? I don't know.But looking at him always do this to me. He suddenly turned his face around like searching for something or someone ..... His eyes sto  Read More...
Published on Jun 20,2020 02:15 PM
By Neeva Singh in True Story | Reads: 95 | Likes: 0
After 4 years of treatment of infertility I was told by Doctors for DHL and cystectomy. But there was no aasured hope of getting pregnant. I already had tonnes of medicines in the past but nothing worked. A year back I had surgery of dermoid cyst in 2018 and again in 2019 I was told for surgery.&nbs  Read More...
Published on Jun 20,2020 02:14 PM
Love yourself
By yashika in True Story | Reads: 99 | Likes: 0
Fear is the number one motivated and I wish that it was love of knowledge but it is not. It is fear. The fear of failing, the fear of being discovered, fear of liking the wrong person.Somewhere along the way, if you figured out all that fear and dumped it. That will be what makes you special but it   Read More...
Published on Jun 20,2020 02:12 PM
God gave me you
By A.J.K. in Romance | Reads: 117 | Likes: 0
***************** He was mourning his lovers death. In day time, he do his job and in evenings, he got drunk. It's been 3 years like this. He hadn't talked to his parents or contacted any friends. One day he got a call. He was so drunk that he didn't care to look at the number, he just picked the ca  Read More...
Published on Jun 20,2020 02:12 PM
Be you.
By yashika in True Story | Reads: 88 | Likes: 0
We expect men to behave in a certain way and likewise for women. But what we need to do is to understand people for just being people and not their genders.When you look at a person see what they want or what they want to be, just because of their gender don't judge their choices. Don't assume that   Read More...
Published on Jun 20,2020 02:10 PM
Destiny : strange story teller
By PANWAR VISHAL in Mystery | Reads: 224 | Likes: 5
My mobile "ye dil tum bin kahi lagda nahi hum kya kare" ringtone startled me from a deep sleep. I saw an unknown number, last digit 011. I have never forgotten those digits so I quickly got the call. "Come to my flat as soon as possible, please" a familiar voice has asked me badly. I wanted to ask a  Read More...
Published on Jun 20,2020 01:52 PM
Lock down experience
By N.Nivya in True Story | Reads: 363 | Likes: 7
       Nivya, 24, a post graduate student, a very naughty and enjoyable person. Always try to be with smiling face. Whatever the situation might be, want to be with a smile and face the situation gently. This lockdown gives both happy and sad experiences for me. From this I lear  Read More...
Published on Jun 20,2020 01:45 PM
He was mine
By A.J.K. in Romance | Reads: 142 | Likes: 0
He had a girlfriend, but she broke up with him for some reason. He was in pain for so long. It's been 7 years now, he was still waiting.  I was his school friend. I was with him in his lowest and in his happiest moment. We didn't notice when we started to get to close. We were in this unnamed   Read More...
Published on Jun 20,2020 01:42 PM
The Endless Pursuit
By Surya Nair in Travel | Reads: 219 | Likes: 2
Jaison sat in his one-bedroom apartment overlooking the gulmohur tree outside his balcony. It was his favourite spot in his solitary abode. For the past three years, his articleship had forced him to leave his native place and rent an apartment in the city where he could practise under the wings of   Read More...
Published on Jun 20,2020 01:38 PM
The love of a gangster
By A.J.K. in Romance | Reads: 100 | Likes: 0
 IntroductionHe is the most dangerous man in Mexico. He is unforgiving, ruthless and emotionless. Everyone believes that he is not capable of caring for another. He also thinks that he doesn't need anyone in his life. But that's going to change. She is a beautiful woman, with a beautiful famil  Read More...
Published on Jun 20,2020 01:30 PM
My Own fantasy
By N v Gandhi in Fantasy | Reads: 150 | Likes: 1
                     My child-hood days         once upon a time, while I was a little girl, I used to dreams about my future like "how it be?". By going back to the flash-back, life is full of fantacies, admiration, dreams   Read More...
Published on Jun 20,2020 01:27 PM
It's me and my story
By Vishakha Sanger in Poetry | Reads: 100 | Likes: 1
Tere yaddo se ik pall bhi dur rehte nhi. Raat kat jati hai par naan sote nhi. Murat si ban gya hain ko Jaan nhi!! Pathar hai hum abhi rote nhi.  Read More...
Published on Jun 20,2020 12:39 PM