True Story

कैरियर , इश्क और पैसे
By Wakil Kumar Yadav in True Story | Reads: 971 | Likes: 3
वकू और शिवानी नामक एक लड़का और लड़की कभी बहुत अच्छे दोस्त हुआ करते थे। घंटो बातें करते नहीं थकते थे। धीरे-धीरे उनका   Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 03:52 PM
Turning point
By Ruby Rajesh Yadav in True Story | Reads: 722 | Likes: 2
I had never felt so bad until the day I was into this situation. I gave my exam and was going home with my friend. We were waiting for the bus to arrive. It had been an hour, the bus was not on time. I was talking with my friend, as usual, we do. Later, suddenly she saw a person in a rickshaw and wa  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 03:58 PM
My Extraordinary Story
By Benisha Nadar in True Story | Reads: 700 | Likes: 5
Everyone leads a life that's ordinary, as alike every human we live our life fulfilling our basic necessities. We smile, we laugh, we study, we learn from life, we build relationships, we make friends, we party, we sleep, we eat, we give treat, we earn, we burn calories, likewise our every activity   Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 06:25 PM
कोरोना जगणं शिकवून गेला
By nilesh avinash jadhao in True Story | Reads: 855 | Likes: 1
. *“कोरोना जगणे शिकवून गेला”* (..प्रा निलेश जाधव) इतक्यात माणूस प्राणी खूप शेफारला होता ! त्याला वाटत होतं की मी तीर  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 06:49 PM
Grudges and memories
By Vikalp Joshi in True Story | Reads: 4,233 | Likes: 8
As I turn my bike into the gully, I see an ocean of people in white, jammed into the short gap between our matchbox houses. I see Laxmi aunty crying loudly, almost shouting without tears in her eyes, beating chests- sometimes her own, sometimes Mahesh’s whose corpse lies on a stretcher- maybe   Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 06:50 PM
By swapnil in True Story | Reads: 769 | Likes: 1
When we get in the trouble,we go any extent to get rid of them. Then result in fail at last.when Such like incident come happen. When malaria like diseases abrupt. then stand up somebody to take advantage of this tragedy or situation;like quack,apothecary or fake doctors disguise face of well wisher  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 06:50 PM
March 22, 2020
By Nitya Swaruba in True Story | Reads: 458 | Likes: 2
I hear birds today, more clearly than ever. Balcony door is open ‘cause there’s no honking. No vrooms or zooms, no monster trucks shaking the house. No quarrels and voices being carried over. No people noise. I switched off the fan just to take this further. Oh yeah. Drenched in soundles  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 06:51 PM
Pen and Paper are my Best Friends :)
By Janhavi in True Story | Reads: 649 | Likes: 0
One expresses, the other is always listening no matter what. One keeps flowing, the other holds and contains space for it to flow. One seizes onto the other, yet one looks for the other and the other for the one. One wants to keep going on and the other is always making a safe space for it to happen  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 06:58 PM
Feeling sometimes is not a reality…!!!
By harish k monga in True Story | Reads: 710 | Likes: 0
Feeling sometimes is not a reality…!!! Among the various healing treatments, the feeling is one of the therapies which too can cure ‘black holes’ of depression without drugs. Sometime back during my search over feeling, I was put wiser that feeling cards are available online for t  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 06:58 PM
By Nameera Sallum in True Story | Reads: 601 | Likes: 0
I was always alone. I started believing that loneliness is my vibe. I had handful of friends. Out of them, Few were close and the rest were fake. I lost my close friends One by one Which made me strongly believe in loneliness. So strong that, I stopped making friends for a while, About an year or so  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 06:59 PM
An Absolute Sacrifice
By Rabin Prasad Kalita in True Story | Reads: 345 | Likes: 1
“An absolute sacrifice”: To be in your children’s memories tomorrow You have to be in their lives today:  “Barbara Johnson” Since the creation of this Globe the happiness of being parents is considered as highest amongst all creatures. Each of them find and fee  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 07:05 PM
PREVENT Coronavirus
By Jagdish R Bhurani in True Story | Reads: 460 | Likes: 0
PREVENT Corona virus   By Jagdish R Bhurani   Breakthrough of CORONAVIRUS in China has infected people across the World. It is spreading and it has created a panic throughout the World. I have treated / Cured thousands of people suffering from CANCER, HIV, CEREBRAL PALSY, NEPHRITIC SY  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 07:12 PM
I’m always tired but never of you.
By Ranjit in True Story | Reads: 1,613 | Likes: 1
you say things are not same anymore  things cannot be same anymore and a lot more. I know! we both have changed. i am not the same either. my lips are more nicotine now i am more smoke than blood. my hands now hold cigarettes much longer than we ever held hands. excitement in my eyes to see   Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 07:13 PM
Lost at the edge of uncertainty
By Rabin Prasad Kalita in True Story | Reads: 364 | Likes: 0
(Real Story) Lost at the edge of uncertainty!       A pair of Blue Throated Barbet had conceived a great hope to have their own chicks’ to extend their family. As the time became too close to lay their eggs, so they were flying to and fro for a suitable tree to make a nes  Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 07:28 PM
6.53AM: Ladies special
By Rimli Bhattacharya in True Story | Reads: 525 | Likes: 2
It was 6.35 AM and I was waiting on the railway platform to catch the local train for my office. I am a regular commuter who travels in the most crowded and busiest trains of the world. Let me tone down a bit. I am talking about the Mumbai locals.   The indicator read 6.53AM Churchgate S 07,   Read More...
Published on Mar 22,2020 07:45 PM