Rabin Prasad Kalita

A short story writer.
A short story writer.

I love to read and write short stories in my spare time. I have not yet published anything out of my creation. Hopefully, will be done in near future! I belong to Guwahati, Assam, India. My favourite story books are many but I would like name especially Nine stories, Fragile things, Dubliners etc. I enjoy singing and listening slow Sufi songs of any languages.  I am a pet lover too. Playing African Dzimbe drum is my passion. Read More...

Driving License of an unsung hero of World War II

By Rabin Prasad Kalita in War Story | Reads: 350 | Likes: 0

Though my dad was a brilliant student but his father Dhaniram wanted him to assist his other two brothers in farming at their huge agricultural land. Farming was the main occupation to live one’s life in those days. Dad was not at all interested in farming but wanted to continue with his stud  Read More...

Published on May 13,2020 10:19 PM

Lost at the edge of uncertainty

By Rabin Prasad Kalita in True Story | Reads: 348 | Likes: 0

(Real Story) Lost at the edge of uncertainty!       A pair of Blue Throated Barbet had conceived a great hope to have their own chicks’ to extend their family. As the time became too close to lay their eggs, so they were flying to and fro for a suitable tree to make a nes  Read More...

Published on Mar 22,2020 07:28 PM

An Absolute Sacrifice

By Rabin Prasad Kalita in True Story | Reads: 332 | Likes: 1

“An absolute sacrifice”: To be in your children’s memories tomorrow You have to be in their lives today:  “Barbara Johnson” Since the creation of this Globe the happiness of being parents is considered as highest amongst all creatures. Each of them find and fee  Read More...

Published on Mar 22,2020 07:05 PM

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