My Wish
By Rohankompella in General Literary | Reads: 237 | Likes: 4
My Wish         It's all being where Life is yet to get started. When you literally have a own book of rules and goals you get intensed to you yourself in Your Life in any kind of aspect. When you don't have any kind of desires available in life and you be just roam Hom  Read More...
Published on Mar 23,2020 04:47 AM
Everything is Love
By Mirudhula Selvaraj in Poetry | Reads: 179 | Likes: 4
There was a boy named Peter. He was living in a house along with his grandmother in Paris. He loves her so much. Everyday his Granny used to tell stories to him. One day while Peter and his Granny were sitting in the veranda. His Granny fell him a story of a tree :'Jacaranda Mimosifola'. Peter was v  Read More...
Published on Jul 6,2020 11:47 AM
I’m trapped inside my head
By Nidhi Rai in Poetry | Reads: 489 | Likes: 4
At first there wasn’t a sound, or its trace. It seemed to me like a silent place. Then a wise voice spoke. Something sleepy it awoke.   We used to talk for an hour or two, Then it was time to bid adieu. Our conversations slowly became longer. My desire to listen became stronger.     Read More...
Published on May 7,2020 05:10 PM
पता नहीं
By Aryan in Poetry | Reads: 255 | Likes: 4
सब कहते हैं कि मैं ऐसा हूँ, सब कहते हैं कि मैं वैसा हूँ, पर क्यूँ, ये पता नहीं।   सब कहते हैं कि मैं ग़ुस्सैल हूँ, दुनिय  Read More...
Published on Jul 29,2020 07:46 AM
The Shine
By Vivek Sehgal in Poetry | Reads: 316 | Likes: 4
The lamps that flicker in the brothel, Aren't less holier than those in temple, To thee they offer pious prayers, At whose feet the world is free from prejudices, The stars that shine in the sky, Might not illuminate the deceptive ground, But the sheen they lend to the sky, Isn't less auspicious tha  Read More...
Published on Apr 7,2020 10:24 PM
A Promise to be Kept ....
By Aryan in Poetry | Reads: 219 | Likes: 4
Ocean of sorrow, immense and deep, But I have my own promises to keep. In the run of helplessness, cry or weep, But I have to keep going, strong and steep. The world may blame me, as per wish, But I would prove my words, without any glitch. With wisdom in thoughts, and mind in peace, And strength of  Read More...
Published on Jul 29,2020 07:52 AM
The 144 Drama
By Sudhir Rao in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 288 | Likes: 4
Hyderabad was in great turmoil with communal riots all over the city. Venkat awoke that morning and realized the need for groceries. His mother asked him to be careful. She was worried about the situation in the twin-cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. But Venkat was not very worried. Most of the   Read More...
Published on Apr 3,2020 11:41 PM
Extra Ordinary Gentleman
By Vignesh in True Story | Reads: 571 | Likes: 4
“Extraordinary isn’t the antonym of ‘Extra Ordinary’; Extraordinary is something remarkable, whereas ‘extra ordinary’ simply means very ordinary or more ordinary” We don’t need extraordinary human beings in our lives, we need extra ordinary. Summer, (  Read More...
Published on May 10,2020 06:52 AM
Fat that never left!
By Moumita Sinha in True Story | Reads: 257 | Likes: 4
Before starting the story, may I ask you a question? Do you love people who are healthy? What is the first impression you have when you see a person double of your size? No too attractive, isn't it? Well everybody loves having a perfect body. People try different methods to keep up their b  Read More...
Published on Mar 23,2020 09:38 PM
The open minded society with so called open minded guys
By mahima khullar in General Literary | Reads: 146 | Likes: 4
One of my male friends once told me, " talking about periods or menstruation in public is like risking your own respect".   Little did I know if people still took these things this bad .He was the closest friend I had and I didn't expected this from him like I was frank enough with him an  Read More...
Published on Jun 15,2020 05:05 PM
जनता को संदेश
By Bhawna lal in Poetry | Reads: 136 | Likes: 4
संकट में पडा है देश सबको देते है यही संदेश, घर से न निकलो अपने  कुछ तो सोचो वतन का अपने, कुछ दिन तो बस रहना है बन्द    Read More...
Published on Mar 31,2020 11:16 PM
By Shreeya Katyal in Fantasy | Reads: 195 | Likes: 4
Have you ever thought why we feel in a certain way about certain things, places and people without any appropriate logic to it ? Well my story is about a girl, Rashmi, who had a bitter relationship with her mother, Sunita and there wasn't any definite reason for this bitterness between them. Being a  Read More...
Published on Apr 14,2020 01:59 AM
Dear Love
By Shivam Luthra in Poetry | Reads: 160 | Likes: 4
A part of me wants you, N that part of me is called LIFE; A thing of me starve for you,  N that is called Living a Life; You can't be my sunshine, Cuz it already went away in night, You are my lamp, Who Burns herself, hides the darkness, To fill my life with joy and make it bright.  Read More...
Published on Apr 30,2020 12:44 AM
By Shreya Jain in Poetry | Reads: 131 | Likes: 4
तू गिरा जिस हवा से कल, उसे आज आंधी बन फतेह कर। वह जो सुलग रही सी आंच है, उसे मशाल सा अटल कर। बिखर ना इन मोतियों सा, इन मो  Read More...
Published on Apr 7,2020 11:59 PM
First Love
By Judith in Romance | Reads: 198 | Likes: 4
First love is always special, how much ever you try to keep it covered it will come up at one point or other in the form of memories. I never had this plan to fall in love or anything, but happened some how and I've never regretted it till now, even though we aren't together now. It's been a year si  Read More...
Published on Apr 24,2020 06:58 PM