The Journey to Exam Hall
By Dipjay Ganguly in General Literary | Reads: 637 | Likes: 4
It was Sunday. And those who are still unemployed they know another meaning of Sunday specially Govt. job aspirants. They have a rugged meaning of this day. To an employee what Sunday means, the unemployed young one has the antonym of it. The facile meaning of Sunday to Govt. Job aspirant is EXAM D  Read More...
Published on May 9,2020 07:35 PM
Hey Beauty
By Pranjal Upadhyay in Poetry | Reads: 268 | Likes: 4
HEY BEAUTY Hey Beauty I know you are broken Just open your eyes see beautiful sky Full of shining stars Just wake up see the sun Shining brighter than yesterday Hey Beauty I know you are strong Just follow your thoughts That helps you reach your dreams Just be you whom you love the most  Read More...
Published on May 27,2020 12:14 PM
By subhadra kunduri in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 221 | Likes: 4
It is 11 am in the morning. I am in the midst of innumerable things. Raj comes in with a serious expression, and says, “Come on, Susie. We need to stock up. Let us go to the supermarket.” I said, “We have most things, Raj. Can’t you see that I am working from home, and doing   Read More...
Published on Apr 3,2020 08:10 PM
By Jayasudha Bhaskaran in General Literary | Reads: 297 | Likes: 4
Stuck at home,having nothing to do or nowhere to go?We would have been in the houses of our family and friends by now,enjoying our vacation,if it were a normal vacation.But no other go!We have to stay back at home for our own safety as well as for the safety of the society. But it is during this per  Read More...
Published on Apr 7,2020 04:26 PM
By Unnati in Romance | Reads: 830 | Likes: 4
Urmi:That evening, although the sky was frequently overcast, it was at no time dark. The rain-bearing wind was blowing in squalls from the southeast and I, inviting not only the rain, but also the tattered images of some memories, sat by the window wearing a cerulean dress. A cold zephyr touched the  Read More...
Published on Apr 22,2020 02:07 AM
A Lying Star
By Asna.M in Poetry | Reads: 321 | Likes: 4
There is a star in the sky Which tells me nothing but lie. He giggles and twinkles... And told me with eye that sparkles. News that healed my heart... A treasure that never can hurt. I dreamt about my treasure Thoughts roamed wild Waiting in vain... Nothing to be gained..but pain The star appeared a  Read More...
Published on May 2,2020 03:59 PM
The Cryptic Cookie
By A.Shruti in Thriller | Reads: 430 | Likes: 4
“Your life is in danger. Say nothing to anyone. You must leave the city immediately and never return.” said the note. I looked at thenote for quite a while. Pondering, with my mind wandering in all possible directions. After all, it is not easy for a fifteen year old to leave the city, w  Read More...
Published on Jun 2,2020 06:19 PM
Found solace in forgiving
By Lamiya Siraj in General Literary | Reads: 432 | Likes: 4
‘‘Found solace in forgiving’’ As a seven – year old, it felt strange to be ignored by his own father, even though he had high fewer and had met with a domestic accident. His mother had gone out of work, leaving him home to be cared by his father. Was it that he was an u  Read More...
Published on Mar 23,2020 01:03 AM
Eradicate device
By Mahati Stars in Poetry | Reads: 559 | Likes: 4
                             Eradicate device! The skies up in the high; Beautiful glitters over the mind; But, people down on the ground;  In their gown with their phones; We are living our lives through a lens; And de  Read More...
Published on May 7,2020 11:53 AM
This is u and me
By Aarti Udavant Kshirsagar in Romance | Reads: 317 | Likes: 4
This is the way I love u .. I love the way u love me  N that's how it's formed u n me .... You care for me  And like what I do U adore me 3very while  N love the way u love me  Your eyes speak a lot  With no bad words uttered  Your heart beats for me every while   Read More...
Published on Jun 15,2020 12:09 AM
Lock your secrets
By Ranjith in True Story | Reads: 334 | Likes: 4
'Lock your secrets and throw them away And they'd be gone forever' they said. So he dug deep into my soul Into depths he never knew existed Peeling one protective layer after another The strong flesh ripped apart An outer confident smile drilled into To see what lies inside. Out came a grey mass   Read More...
Published on Mar 23,2020 01:10 AM
By Nikita in Poetry | Reads: 347 | Likes: 4
She loved messages in bottles Stories of horsemen And that of the war. And that of lives that were lost. Clandestine meetings. Walking hand in hand Towards nothing. The distant sound of the cuckoo  Calling out. She loved a good song Some good words. And a tune she could move to. Cry to. Smile t  Read More...
Published on Mar 23,2020 11:52 PM
This, too, shall pass.....
By Sharon D'sa in Poetry | Reads: 336 | Likes: 4
This time is difficult to cope, But don't lose your hope, Life has indeed become a nightmare, But God is working on every prayer, This, too, shall pass.....   Boost your resistance,  By maintaining social distance, Just a few weeks of pain, Then things will be normal again, This, too, shal  Read More...
Published on Mar 28,2020 10:45 PM
By Rashmi Nawani in Poetry | Reads: 198 | Likes: 4
In the hollow darkness,I'm the only travellerSearching for a ray of hope,For my life which is already lost.Running from one end to otherIn the dark mess.And where I could find the reason of my existence,In this hollow darkness.I'm in perplexed situation. I'm tired of carrying the hulking baggage of   Read More...
Published on May 24,2020 01:44 AM
The lost child
By ashutosh gharat in Poetry | Reads: 201 | Likes: 4
Often stuck in his own self, twisting and withering in his thoughts. a cage his mind became, inescapable, what has he gotten into himself. seeking help is what he does, failing miserably. Reaching out to only hear his own voice, and never a moment to rejoice. acceptance has overcome, he is who he   Read More...
Published on Apr 15,2020 06:47 PM