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Storyteller, Poet, Nature lover, Dreamer.....
Storyteller, Poet, Nature lover, Dreamer.....


By Vandana in Poetry | Reads: 175 | Likes: 3

 Together we relish the golden touch;  the touch of sun rays  We sit beside the placid lake  You push me into the water,  I pull you along  We skylark together.  Together we enjoy the falling pearls;  the pearls of rain  We get dripped in the essence of   Read More...

Published on May 31,2020 05:02 PM

'I am a Stray Dog!'

By Vandana in General Literary | Reads: 236 | Likes: 4

I am a stray dog. I don't know who gave me this name but everyone in 'Tribhuvan Colony' calls me 'Kaalu'. I am a skinny black mongrel. I have soft and shiny fur except for my burnt back. This happened when a drunken man tried to put my tail on fire. I managed to bite him before running for my life.   Read More...

Published on May 26,2020 11:22 PM

My Grumpy Old Man

By Vandana in General Literary | Reads: 586 | Likes: 6

I was about to 'confirm pickup' on my Uber app when my father interrupted. ‘I think we should take an auto from outside,’ he said. I told him that it would be unwise to walk half a kilometer just to ride an auto in this scorching sun. He, in his usual complaining tone, lamented rather lo  Read More...

Published on May 15,2020 08:04 PM

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