Love as a verb

By Roopini in General Literary | Reads: 197 | Likes: 2

( what is the difference between noun and verb mummy Naming words are nouns. verbs denote action kanna )  krish : mom... I am getting late. why is it taking so much time. I told you right, today I have special classes. mom : yeah,I know kanna.... it's done just one will be done. kr  Read More...

Published on Jun 5,2020 07:42 PM

The Modern Ancients

By Roopini in True Story | Reads: 204 | Likes: 1

In the world of science and technology gaining it's highest of momentum.Equality is still an unending debate.Untouchability is a sin.But in today's world "modern untouchability is a tradition". (phone rings)picks up the phone and says(surprisingly) oh really.Thank you. I will come and pick her up no  Read More...

Published on Jun 3,2020 07:43 PM

Ant and the Gross painter

By Roopini in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 217 | Likes: 2

"Summer is a foreplay for the winter to show off".It not only intimidates heat,sweat etc.., but also creatures that are as tiny and as stringent as 'ants'. With sweat dripping and the shirt soaking stood our 'Artist' creating a master piece for almost half a day.Being proud of his own creation, 'he   Read More...

Published on Jun 2,2020 08:57 PM

The travel with the unstolen memory

By Roopini in General Literary | Reads: 297 | Likes: 4

 The cooing winds started twirling across the roads, shaking the swings in the garden , whistling it's own melody to the beats of the rythm well known. With the drizzles marching forward I had to rush to the balcony before the clothes get soaked. Thunder boomed frantically,so I had to switch of  Read More...

Published on Jun 1,2020 07:41 PM

On A Rainy Day

By Roopini in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 189 | Likes: 5

After a soul drenching summer came the fragrance of wet soil.With thudding drummers and tireless photographers waiting for my arrival.As I was about to greet them by opening the door, grandma came in time to pull me in and shut the door.she always has the habit of giving entries like the cops in mov  Read More...

Published on May 31,2020 04:14 PM

A Man's power in limelight

By Roopini in General Literary | Reads: 262 | Likes: 4

once upon a time is not how it occurred.This happened every now and then in families which errupted with joy when the second child was a girl.finally the mother went through family planning. Their family is complete with a boy and girl- said the anonymous neighbour. hurry up, its already late. pick   Read More...

Published on May 30,2020 04:59 PM

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