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अजब - सी मोहब्बत
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आज रविवार का दिन था | हर बार की तरह आज भी देर से उठने वाली थी मगर फोन की आवाज़ से मेरी नींद टूट गयी | फोन पर बचपन की सहेली  Read More...
Published on Sep 3,2020 09:49 AM
My Son named it Century
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My Son named it Century I'm so much excited and happy to write this. I'm completing my hundredth writing today in this platform. Well I have experienced a great time here. I truly enjoy publishing my stories here and will keep on writing. For today it's my hundredth writing so my son happily said, "  Read More...
Published on Sep 3,2020 04:52 PM
लेखन शिक्षा पर भी
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   वास्तव में हमारे समाज के लिए क्या आवश्यक हैं इस चीज़ पर विचार होना चाहिए  | सभी अपनी अपनी झोली भरने में लगे हुए हैं   Read More...
Published on Sep 4,2020 01:38 PM
A panting acquaintance.
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As I was walking and strolling, up the hill, trying to reach my destination that I may capture some scenic beauty for my social media audience. It was a tight, straining exercise for my physical body which had put on some genuine love from my mother by feeding me with all of my favorite delicacies i  Read More...
Published on Sep 4,2020 04:37 PM
Girls..who suffers a life like a hell
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Dear girls..i want to share about my life which is like a hell. And i just hope that you all girls will like it who suffers a life like me.there are a lot of harrasment in girls life like me.but question is that what can we do about our life like a hell. Being a girl is the big punishment of life. I  Read More...
Published on Sep 4,2020 05:14 PM
What Is Morality?
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'The purpose of morality is to teach you, not to suffer and die, but to enjoy yourself and live.' - Ayn Rand When my professor Pramod went to a pub along with his wife Vandana, my friend Deepak said to me, "Don't you think it's wrong on the part of the Professor to go to the pub with his wife?" I wo  Read More...
Published on Sep 6,2020 08:40 PM
It is enough human!!
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hey,you know what?most people think they are the one who suffer,they are the one with nothing,even a millionaire kid thinks "why dont buy those for me?uh??",hm...let me tell you an example,when William Shakespeare was a kid,age??? i don't know,probably he may be now as me,ok that isnt important righ  Read More...
Published on Sep 8,2020 12:44 PM
The complexity between generations
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Generations!! There’s never any problem with the same generation but there’s always problem with predecessors or successors. Why? We never try to understand the people from same generation but always brain storm to understand about other generations. In India particularly, people always find mis  Read More...
Published on Sep 9,2020 05:09 PM
God's Gaze
By Mridula Singh in True Story | Reads: 188 | Likes: 0
Kush was just in grade one. Unlike most kids for whom the four walls' learning is boredom, it was a joyful experience for him. The class which he enjoyed the most was his moral values class with his principal ma'am. His level of interest grew manifold in that one hour. One day ma'am told them an int  Read More...
Published on Sep 9,2020 11:56 PM
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आज शाम जब मुझे भूख लगी तो अपनी माँ के पास गया और माँ की साड़ी का पल्लू पकड़ कर , खींचते हुए उससे शिकायती लहजे में कहा कि,   Read More...
Published on Sep 14,2020 07:21 AM
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Every youths have their own dreams in their respective lives. Some aspires to become rich, some wish to work in private companies and MNC’s. There is a rare people who aims for IPS and Indian Army and strikes hard for it. To take from my life, I hail from a middle-class family from my strict fathe  Read More...
Published on Sep 15,2020 04:22 PM
By Syeda Ruqia Zaidi in True Story | Reads: 275 | Likes: 63
The readers who are reading this book are very well aware of the subject "Rape." Rape is a vast subject, but we still do not know many things are related to it, and if at all we do, we mostly deny it. According  to  Wikipedia, "Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse   Read More...
Published on Sep 20,2020 08:06 PM
The Teary Tea
By Neelamma Subramani Poonacha in True Story | Reads: 97 | Likes: 0
She woke up in the middle of the night unmindful of the time.  She forced herself out of  bed and took small steps towards the window which faced towards the main road. She stood there looking at the bare road,   holding the window palings, completely lost. Her agony was relentless and   Read More...
Published on Oct 5,2020 02:20 PM