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5 Stories For Children's
By Chandan S Avanti Idloor in True Story | Reads: 331 | Likes: 1
5 Stories For Childrens This Book Is Written By Chandan S Avanti       Chandan S Avanti Idloor   NOTION PRESS     NOTION PRESS India. Singapore. Malaysia. ISBN xxx-x-xxxxx-xx-x This book has been published with all reasonable efforts taken to make the material error-fre  Read More...
Published on Jul 30,2020 04:59 PM
The Political Life
By Anbudan Miththiran in True Story | Reads: 289 | Likes: 0
The rich who have committed the crime will escape with their money. The poor do good. However the poor are the only victims... I can feel it. Who are those who work for the common good without selfishness? There is nothing in this world called public charity without selfishness. The most important   Read More...
Published on Jul 31,2020 05:34 AM
By Karthik raj in True Story | Reads: 572 | Likes: 2
Lot of love stories starts with a emotion which was been never expected by anyone. My love story starts with a emotion like unknown relation. Myself and my dear angle both are from different culture , traditions and caste but our heart never tries to treat each other like a different personalities b  Read More...
Published on Jul 31,2020 01:47 PM
My true story
By SAYUNI in True Story | Reads: 343 | Likes: 0
My name is SAYUNI AMOSI i was born region hospital in Kigoma Tanzania in sep 1997 when I was standard three, both father and mother passed away... So many relatives running away after selling some of property of my parents at that period I've failed to now them exactly, but one year ago... My r  Read More...
Published on Jul 31,2020 02:55 PM
By Adharsh Nair A S in True Story | Reads: 254 | Likes: 0
  It woke up unusually early today. It was his high pitch squeals that opened the cage. Wings have feathers but the rest of the entire was covered in fur. The young cockerel was beautified by its yellow fur and black wings.    As per the present status, two male cocks rule the ca  Read More...
Published on Jul 31,2020 03:35 PM
Do not support this
By Shibani Saxena in True Story | Reads: 374 | Likes: 0
" You never support me" I heard him say that over the phone with an angry tone. "It is not like that" Before I could complete my sentence he hung up on me. I didn't re-dail because I knew m in block list now. I went back to those days in my life where these sentences were not spoken. But today, he s  Read More...
Published on Jul 31,2020 06:30 PM
पाजिटीव है
By Dr Varun Kumar Upadhyay in True Story | Reads: 760 | Likes: 3
अभी आंखे खुली ही थी की वो हड़बड़ाहट देख मैं सहम सा गया। जैसे ही दरवाजा खोला तो भीड़ सीढ़ी के  ओर जा रही थी         Read More...
Published on Aug 2,2020 06:30 AM
Friendship lasts forever
By Mitali Mittal in True Story | Reads: 369 | Likes: 3
08th January, 2018 it was my birthday. Replying back to all the birthday wishes, my heart wanted to see that one name in the messenger, any message with that name didn't pop up but surely a notification did. A Facebook notification which said "You have memories of today with Akash." I clicked on tha  Read More...
Published on Aug 2,2020 09:24 AM
These are a few of my favourite things...
By lakshmi vasudev in True Story | Reads: 220 | Likes: 0
There used to be a time when these lines  of the melody from the iconic movie 'Sound of Music' was enough to lift my spirits and bring a smile on my face... Humming songs (thankfully tuneful ones, or else the listeners would have made sure I shut up!) was a big part of my growing up years and   Read More...
Published on Aug 4,2020 08:35 AM
The Hardest Question to answer.
By Veronika Sarafaraz in True Story | Reads: 267 | Likes: 2
The hardest question to answer. Well, no question is difficult when you know about it, indeed it takes time but its always worth. Remember when you answer something how your parents have a big smile of pride and when the teacher makes everyone clap? Let's come to the question instead of making it bo  Read More...
Published on Aug 7,2020 11:55 AM
Blessed by an old man
By yogendra kumar singh in True Story | Reads: 221 | Likes: 0
Once I went to give an exam from Allahabad to Delhi. A strange incident happens with me. Let me tell you, I used to do sketching and painting. I have been this passion since childhood. My exam was at 10 in the morning. I went to Delhi for the first time. I got free after giving exams. Now I had to   Read More...
Published on Aug 7,2020 11:28 PM
The lesson for the kid
By the worst ravi in True Story | Reads: 397 | Likes: 1
Once there was a kid who was very annoying and used to tease and take fun of others.So until then one day he was arriving at his home as he had visited somewhere.So there were some kids who were playing and there was some water in the floor and he slipped and fell down.Then the kids who wee playing   Read More...
Published on Aug 8,2020 02:34 PM
Broken find's it's way , but not always
By zeba Siddiqui in True Story | Reads: 352 | Likes: 0
Introduction to the story Two not so different people get attracted towards each other at a Mehndi ceremony. One is a 19 year old girl who believes in fairy tales and is dreaming of having a perfect love life with a romantic partner. The other is a 25 year old boy who wants to live a normal life. Bo  Read More...
Published on Aug 10,2020 04:45 AM
By Rakesh Elkhart in True Story | Reads: 318 | Likes: 1
How can you possibly forget yourself, become selfless and love the other person without any condition and expectation? Keep reading. It was just only 30 days since I started talking to her on a social media platform by then. She knew me through her friends but we never met eachother. We instantly g  Read More...
Published on Aug 11,2020 10:13 AM
By Dr Anupma Srivastava in True Story | Reads: 1,412 | Likes: 0
"नहीं ये गलत है, हमे इसे लॉस्ट एंड फाउंड डिपार्टमेंट में जमा कर देना चाहिए।" डरते हुए नेहा ने स्वाती से कहा।  "तू पाग  Read More...
Published on Aug 11,2020 05:12 PM