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"Wait. What? Seriously? Today is our engagement, I just can't believe it. Can you please come over and pinch me, I still feel that this is all a dream going on." And on and on and on Ria couldn't just stop babbling to his 'one and only' Siddharth. They both were just known faces but who knew that a   Read More...

Published on Feb 13,2021 11:23 PM

My 1990's in 2020

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11:30 am, Sunday morning, I went to see him. No, it was not a date or something but his family sent a marriage proposal to my family. My family and I went to his home to see him. In my head I was clear that there is no boy made up for me who can fulfill all my wants and desires. We both were sent ou  Read More...

Published on Aug 17,2020 12:33 PM


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Luck? No, I never believed that any such thing exist. All I used to believe in was hard work to get something, but around one year back luck hit me up like anything. Ya, I was lucky enough to have a lot of great teachers in my life, but one in particular shaped the person I am today: Miss Nidhi Gupt  Read More...

Published on Aug 12,2020 10:55 AM

Friendship lasts forever

By Mitali Mittal in True Story | Reads: 371 | Likes: 3

08th January, 2018 it was my birthday. Replying back to all the birthday wishes, my heart wanted to see that one name in the messenger, any message with that name didn't pop up but surely a notification did. A Facebook notification which said "You have memories of today with Akash." I clicked on tha  Read More...

Published on Aug 2,2020 09:24 AM

The First Kiss

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After some long phone calls, one day Avinash finally asked me "Can we go out for dinner sometime soon?" Of course my answer was "Yes". How could I have denied? There was not a single reason to be reluctant about the fact that I have  started liking him and would not mind dating him. Initially,   Read More...

Published on Jul 21,2020 12:47 PM

Sealed with a Kiss

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"So, you are going. Right?" Akshay asked. "Yaa, I have to" Niharika replied in a low voice. It was not the thing that they both had envisioned of living with. Niharika had got a promotion and she had to leave for New York in next two days. But as vowed Niharika and Akshay spent the last day of Nihar  Read More...

Published on Jun 14,2020 10:15 AM

The Heartbreak

By Mitali Mittal in Romance | Reads: 447 | Likes: 6

Let me tell you a fact that "you never get to know when you are falling in love with someone." This is exactly how Aisha fell in love with Arjun. She didn't discern that she was falling for Arjun, she just took it as something that every friend feels for the other one. So, Aisha and Arjun were best   Read More...

Published on Jun 7,2020 09:10 AM

The Rain Romance

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"Do you find rains romantic?" She asked. "Are you also standing in the balcony?" He replied. Meanwhile reading the message, both blushed. The two were just enjoying the weather and blethering their heart’s out. That was the day when Mihir asked Anika out on a date and of course Anika just coul  Read More...

Published on May 31,2020 10:43 AM

Love Is Blind

By Mitali Mittal in Romance | Reads: 570 | Likes: 7

"Hey! where are you? I have been waiting for you since so long." Nisha said on call. "Sorry! But who is this?" Yash replied. Nisha looked back on the number that she dialed. Yaa it was a wrong number. "I am so sorry, I believe I have dialed a wrong number" Nisha said apprehensively. By the time Yash  Read More...

Published on May 24,2020 11:54 AM

Heartstrings Reattached

By Mitali Mittal in Romance | Reads: 579 | Likes: 11

"Bro are you sure, you wanna come?" his best friend asked. "Of course I wanna come, but why are you asking me this?" Aman replied. "Because Aman you have already asked me atleast ten times about Riddhi's arrival to the reunion and let me confirm you again, she is coming." Yes, Aman just couldn't wai  Read More...

Published on May 16,2020 08:12 AM

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