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The real meaning of "US"
By Laura Llado in True Story | Reads: 481 | Likes: 0
On March 17, 1995, at 6:45 a.m. I was preparing to leave for work; mu husband went down to prepare and get out my car, and when he went out, he was surprised by four armed boys that wanted to remove the car. While this was happened downstairs and supposedly I must have been going down to go out, I s  Read More...
Published on Apr 4,2020 12:44 PM
By Abhinav Raj in True Story | Reads: 590 | Likes: 2
बहुत दिनों बाद तुमसे आज मिला था। दिन भर तुम्हारे साथ हमारी यादें ताज़ा करते हुए सूरज कब ढल गया पता ही न चला। तुम्हारे  Read More...
Published on Apr 4,2020 02:20 PM
People need people
By tara in True Story | Reads: 277 | Likes: 2
                     PEOPLE NEED PEOPLE The whole nation have been in lockdown for the past 10 days and there are 10 more days to come.Even though there were similar events happpened in the history ,this is something new for us,the current gener  Read More...
Published on Apr 4,2020 04:12 PM
Angel vs Demon
By Devvikha in True Story | Reads: 355 | Likes: 3
Actually this is my story not only mine every one feels this... When we talk with a person first we observe their behaviour or attitude towards us... So how can we find out he/she is good???? Every person has a Good side and Bad side both and also we can consider as positivity or negativity... So I   Read More...
Published on Apr 4,2020 03:05 PM
By Logavarshini Ravi in True Story | Reads: 466 | Likes: 3
Every scar entraps a history with a cause. However, the physical scars aren't painful but those on the soul, so deep and agonising which makes me shed a tear every time i provoke, is hard to handle. After all, what is the purpose of these scars? It's there to always remind me of not stepping into th  Read More...
Published on Apr 4,2020 03:24 PM
I choose to live with Dignity
By prajwal in True Story | Reads: 340 | Likes: 0
I was walking down FC road emersed in my own thoughts as usual suddenly I heard a melodious tune. and I was naturally drawn into that direction. There was a man sitting in between parking spaces with a flute to his lips and the source of the melody. I had seen and heard him couple of times in these   Read More...
Published on Apr 4,2020 04:31 PM
Behind My Red Door
By Sowmya Sri Rathnakumar in True Story | Reads: 530 | Likes: 1
‘I never regretted over my decisions but I am always scared about its consequences.’ - Me! Before moving on to my choices, I wish I could say more about myself first and it will be easy for you to follow. I was the first child of my family. I have a younger brother. If you are the elder   Read More...
Published on Apr 9,2020 05:51 PM
On the swing of life
By Nivedita Nakhare in True Story | Reads: 346 | Likes: 0
It's been years since I sat on a swing, in a children’s park, with no fear of falling down while I travelled to and fro so recklessly that I would imagine myself riding on the wind’s horses with their reins placed firmly in my hands. The slaps of wind on my face, as I moved back and for  Read More...
Published on Apr 4,2020 06:47 PM
The tomorrow that never came
By Waving Flag in True Story | Reads: 260 | Likes: 0
Heart cried out to express the feelings. But the brain stood bold as usual, forcing the soul to lock down emotions and forcing the body to wear a mask. Was tired being someone else in front of her. Always said to self that you're gonna tell her tomorrow.  Little did he know about the devil in h  Read More...
Published on Apr 4,2020 07:18 PM
The minimalistic mode
By Dr Loveleen Sarao in True Story | Reads: 441 | Likes: 2
My  luxury car is something i always drive to work. My branded shades, hand bag, watch, shoes, lip shade , clothes all have to be at par with my social status. These are just a few things I can not compromise with at any cost, leave aside my favourite cofee ,  health foods and hair spas an  Read More...
Published on Apr 4,2020 10:18 PM
अनजान से आंसू
By Barfi in True Story | Reads: 276 | Likes: 0
अनजान से आँसू...  "उफ्फ ये बस कब आएगी, और भगवान थोड़ी खाली बस भेजना ताकि मैं आराम से चढ़ सकूं और बिना तकलीफों के जा सक  Read More...
Published on Apr 5,2020 12:42 AM
When Isolation meets solitude
By Sreya Dasgupta in True Story | Reads: 193 | Likes: 0
One week into this lockdown and everything around us has changed so much. The empty roads, the perpetual silence and a sudden enthusiasm of showing off talent on the digital platform. Amidst all these lies a hidden fear of uncertainty. Will we ever go back to the normal routine? The routine that w  Read More...
Published on Apr 5,2020 12:51 AM
Waqt lagta hai
By Sachi Maurya in True Story | Reads: 275 | Likes: 0
Pehli nazar ka ye jo pyaar hai haqikat nhi, waqt lagta h jazbaat samjhne me Waqt Lagta Hai Mohabbat Karne Mein ,Yun Hi Nahin aap kisi ke azeeza ho Jaate Hain Aur Waqt lagta h kisi ki har baat smjhne me uhi nhi kisi ki har baat bin khe samjh li jaati h Aur waqt lagta h kisika hath tham kr chalne me   Read More...
Published on Apr 5,2020 01:07 PM
By N. KALYANI in True Story | Reads: 259 | Likes: 0
 AN INNOVATIVE ARTIST'S WORK It was on a sunny afternoon in November 2017 that I went to an art gallery in New Delhi's India Habitat Centre. A ceramic show curated by India's ceramic aggregator and studio potter, Rekha Bajpe Aggarwal, was on at the gallery. It was an international ceramic show   Read More...
Published on Apr 5,2020 04:38 PM
By beli in True Story | Reads: 254 | Likes: 1
                                    LOSTI am lost in this worldWhere sometimes i'am scolded for being quietAnd sometimes  for being loud I am lost in this worldWhere people who don't understand each ot  Read More...
Published on Apr 5,2020 04:46 PM