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Value of Tears.

By Devvikha in Poetry | Reads: 176 | Likes: 1

I found you in my Tears... When you showed your love on me that time my eyes full of Happy Tears... When you lying to me I stated to Cover Tears... When you didn't understanded me why I am with you my heart was drown with Broken Tears... After that I sat alone and flowed in my Silent Tears... A  Read More...

Published on Apr 30,2020 10:27 PM

Angel vs Demon

By Devvikha in True Story | Reads: 230 | Likes: 3

Actually this is my story not only mine every one feels this... When we talk with a person first we observe their behaviour or attitude towards us... So how can we find out he/she is good???? Every person has a Good side and Bad side both and also we can consider as positivity or negativity... So I   Read More...

Published on Apr 4,2020 03:05 PM

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