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Mother's Day
By Charvi Joy in General Literary | Reads: 78 | Likes: 0
Oh, this Mother's Day! If this day in summer could shiver you with thunderstorms inside, please know that you're not alone. Mothers day passes by to many daughters and sons who are motherless and also to many women who are childless. And dear, if these repeated multiple emotional triggers over the i  Read More...
Published on May 10,2020 09:12 AM
The shine ,taken away!
By HARISH SANT in General Literary | Reads: 382 | Likes: 6
"Dad, stop!! Don't do this", my daughter would plead. Well, she deserved what she got! A sound flogging! Look, it's not like I hate her, or that I am calling her a spoilt brat! If only she had listened to me, and not done what I'd asked her not to do, things wouldn't have come to a head as it has no  Read More...
Published on May 10,2020 11:27 AM
Long lost son
By Nidhi karkhanis in General Literary | Reads: 219 | Likes: 9
 It's been 15 years now, that I have been settled in this beautiful city - Paris. I came here alone on a scholarship, to live my dream. I met my soulmate, married her and had two beautiful kids. It's been 5 years; or more maybe that I haven't visited India. I was born and brought up there, in M  Read More...
Published on May 10,2020 02:31 PM
Heal the World
By Deepti Menon in General Literary | Reads: 713 | Likes: 11
“We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to.” So, there is a virus out there, running circles around the whole world, a world that prided itself on its development spearheaded by the most intelligent species ever – the homo sapiens. Men and women who began as hu  Read More...
Published on May 10,2020 03:20 PM
Motherhood is a privilege
By Simran Sawhney in General Literary | Reads: 76 | Likes: 1
The umbilical bond is the eternal unforeseen love for the unborn that engulfs a would be mother right from the moment the journey of shaping a life inside her womb manifests .  This is the purest form of love - unadulterated and unconditional bestowed upon by God himself . No other gift can eve  Read More...
Published on May 10,2020 04:15 PM
That one selfless creature!!
By Narmadha in General Literary | Reads: 182 | Likes: 1
It was already eleven! Not pm..but am...Yes it was the time she woke up! That lazy morning was not so pleasing. After a quarrel for a cup of coffee as she was not ready to sacrifice it, started to think! Why life on this earth so incredible? she thought and started scribbling.What can I write? As so  Read More...
Published on May 10,2020 05:00 PM
By Rishikesh Sonawane in General Literary | Reads: 80 | Likes: 0
"Pain!!" Days somehow passed  But nights, they were a wagon of pain Everything felt apart Despair seemed to surround him all the time Felt like lying numb in a sea full of nothingness Where all he can see is darkness Being broken, cheated, betrayed. It literally Feels like broken ribs that no o  Read More...
Published on May 10,2020 07:04 PM
By Kibriya Delilah in General Literary | Reads: 153 | Likes: 3
Attachments  The philosophy of attachment Attachment transpires in different patterns. Attachment is an innate concurrence. An attachment can emerge for any mundane being. It is a subliminal thought that develops when something gratifies one’s eye. A voracious sensation that surfaces a re  Read More...
Published on May 10,2020 11:26 PM
Dear Amma
By Paul John in General Literary | Reads: 87 | Likes: 0
I haven't wished you a  happy mother's day today amma. And I don't think I will. It's not because I don't want to, I really do but I cant.  Not from the bottom of my heart. I can't look into your eyes, and say those words, not with the pangs of regret that I have inside me, for all these y  Read More...
Published on May 10,2020 11:45 PM
एकांत रहना चाहता है मन
By Ashutosh Kumar in General Literary | Reads: 84 | Likes: 0
एकांत रहना चाहता है मन, सभी चिंताओ से, पीड़ा से, चाहतो से थोड़ा दूर कहीं जहा अगर हवा का झोका भी गुजरे तो उसकी आवाज मेर  Read More...
Published on May 11,2020 12:49 AM
Not a big deal
By Working class Zero in General Literary | Reads: 465 | Likes: 3
It was a  house with blue walls . As soon as I entered it gave me a vibe , a vibe that I did not appreciate much but I was okay with it because she had a great ass . Oh fuck !!. I suddenly got scared . I lost the little erection her curvatous ass had given me ,I panicked , my heart started beat  Read More...
Published on May 11,2020 01:18 AM
Abundunce and Sacrifice
By Amie Madekar in General Literary | Reads: 231 | Likes: 0
Abundance and Scarcity   These two words are the one which popped up in my mind when I saw the picture of two kids , one is licking laptop and other eating food from waste on roadside. One may have luxury and money in abundance but the irony of life is utlimately everyone goes back to the soil   Read More...
Published on May 11,2020 01:48 AM
A different queue
By subhadra kunduri in General Literary | Reads: 251 | Likes: 2
A different queue Two old women – Rani and Vani - were seated in their usual places opposite the temple gates. They generally spent the whole day there, looking for the devotees going in and out of the temple, and anticipating that some of them would drop a rupee or two -  and if they wer  Read More...
Published on May 11,2020 07:38 AM
An Endless Road
By Rasika Nanal in General Literary | Reads: 117 | Likes: 0
       माणसाचं नशीब हे कधीच त्याच्या मनासारखं वागत नाही.मनमौजी स्वभावाचं नशीब हवं तेव्हा बदलत नाही पण पलटू नय  Read More...
Published on May 11,2020 11:12 AM
In Between
By Jayati Das Gupta in General Literary | Reads: 332 | Likes: 4
His mother walked into the room just as he was about to apply her new lipstick. She was startled. He was startled. "What are you doing with my lipstick? It's new...I haven't used it so far. Couldn't you have waited?" He smiled and handed it back to her. "I forgot to tell you...I am playing Draupadi   Read More...
Published on May 11,2020 12:52 PM