Eunice Nikhila


By Eunice Nikhila in General Literary | Reads: 463 | Likes: 3

 (The following piece is not about the Pandemic, it is about us during the Pandemic) Pandemic, a very familiar and most ordinarily used word these days. Yeah? True! It has brought us all together to fight against a deadly virus. Never in our wildest dreams had we imagined, the whole world being  Read More...

Published on May 11,2020 12:53 PM


By Eunice Nikhila in True Story | Reads: 458 | Likes: 4

Though I've told this story to my friends and few family members, I'd like to share it in a platform where few more people would get inspired. In our daily life, we are always in a hurry. We are all glued to something or the other that keeps us busy. We go to work, we go to college, we work at home,  Read More...

Published on Apr 2,2020 01:59 PM

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