By Aryan Shah in Romance | Reads: 248 | Likes: 1
This is a love story Between , The rain and the humans. A summer of drought Then , A monsoon of happiness. A new hope of growing crops After , A long hopeless summer. RAIN Brings a happy night for farmers But , A dissapointed morning for workers. Sound of water on parched earth But , Mounds of w  Read More...
Published on May 3,2020 12:31 PM
A wonderful spin of love
By Vinisha Panwar in Romance | Reads: 201 | Likes: 0
Avni’s family was too conservative but she was too modern to be living her life in a conservative mode. At-least her intelligence paid off and she moved to a new city to settle down independently. While, her family wasn’t much happy about this decision of her, they haven’t yet give  Read More...
Published on May 3,2020 02:37 PM
Just Say It
By Vinisha Panwar in Romance | Reads: 163 | Likes: 0
There are times, when saying it loud matters a lot but still we are unable to gather the required strength. While the outside world always assume that it’s too easy to say it when you can’t take it. But, the one who face it, knows the real truth. He/She can’t just say as the enviro  Read More...
Published on May 3,2020 02:43 PM
My Woman's Story
By Umme Kulsum in Romance | Reads: 183 | Likes: 0
We meet up at our balconies. It’s almost midnight. I had a bad day. We need to talk. I need to talk. ‘I did the dishes today. There was this one iron pot. I finished a quarter bottle of soap, scrubbing it enough and got calluses on my fingers..,’ she says. Now she’s showing   Read More...
Published on May 3,2020 09:40 PM
Remember Me
By Nikhat Parween in Romance | Reads: 246 | Likes: 2
I tried not to wipe the sweat on my palm on my white pants. Interviews make me so nervous especially when it’ll be broadcasted nation-wide. “Tell us Ianna, who was your muse behind another smashing hit ‘Remember Me’?.” My interviewer questioned in his deep throaty voic  Read More...
Published on May 4,2020 12:00 AM
Road trip
By Shamshad Amaal in Romance | Reads: 209 | Likes: 0
Mujhe nhi pata ye road trip wala idea Sahi hai Ya galat Or ye bhi nhi, ki ache excute hoga Ya usse jayega palat,  Tum ye Sab like karoge Ya nhi,  mere Jaise views rakhoge Ya nahi  But mai Maan ke chalta hu, are hum soolmates hoge na bus Yuhi,  Meri pasand tumhari pasand, or tumha  Read More...
Published on May 4,2020 07:30 AM
Near the Royal Poinciana Tree
By Payal Arun in Romance | Reads: 221 | Likes: 0
Aucky was getting late for college, she packed her lunchbox and surveyed her books. It was that time of early spring when she controlled her emotions for the guy who came to live in her neighborhood! He was tall, wheatish complexion guy of about 6 feet tall and had an athlete body. His rough looks a  Read More...
Published on May 4,2020 08:12 AM
The Secret Lover
By Hammad Ahamad in Romance | Reads: 313 | Likes: 4
The night was all over and the stars were so bright. The moonlight was on my face. I was in a state that was so unknown. There were glitches in my mind and it felt like everything went numb. The edge of the cliff drowned all the reasons and the algorithms were up to nothing. The only questions in my  Read More...
Published on May 4,2020 01:24 PM
उफ़ ये बारिश
By Harshit in Romance | Reads: 414 | Likes: 1
ये पहली बारिश भी ना बड़ी जिद्दी होती है, हर बार चली आती है, अपने उसी पुराने रूप में। बचपन से आज तक सब कुछ बदल गया, लोग बद  Read More...
Published on May 4,2020 01:54 PM
By SANJAY YADAV in Romance | Reads: 144 | Likes: 0
1)till nw my heart nvr took such a deep was for the first time ,something like crush has happened in my life.after a while i nvr saw sunrise ,sunset,day ,night,sleep, is becoming dificult to figure out the diferences of is all hppening bcse of u,so i decieded to put a ful   Read More...
Published on May 4,2020 08:18 PM
Love waits
By Shweta in Romance | Reads: 227 | Likes: 0
A normal life lead by any human being or to be precise any Indian male tied down by society obligations or professional ..was my lifestyle too. I was leading a happy and normal life busy with my profession my family my friends untill one day ....That one day, 8 years ago,  when she came from no  Read More...
Published on May 4,2020 10:33 PM
The tiny moment.
By Anusha in Romance | Reads: 269 | Likes: 3
The night had started to set in.One could see the stars shining brightly.The clean city did have some perks.While the vehicles bustled away,she sat there thinking about the one thing she had been waiting for weeks now.He.She hadn't seen him for  weeks and here he was standing right in front of   Read More...
Published on May 4,2020 10:59 PM
Love Under Lock and Key
By Dia Rekhi in Romance | Reads: 205 | Likes: 0
Kabir walked around the room holding his phone up frantically hoping to catch a bar of signal. The fairly large room was well-ventilated and smelt of the fresh linen that lined the 30 beds. He'd been there for a few minutes and was already counting down to when he'd be able to bolt out the door.&nbs  Read More...
Published on May 5,2020 02:14 AM
Cake or Crumble
By Dia Rekhi in Romance | Reads: 234 | Likes: 0
After waiting for half an hour, they finally managed to get a spot at the cafeteria that had become the talk of the town. They got a table right under the tree and settled down on the wooden benches before scanning the premises for a waiter. "Do you see anyone?" Kanika asked as she removed her Rayb  Read More...
Published on May 5,2020 02:16 AM
He captured my heart
By M.R.Jayasudha in Romance | Reads: 580 | Likes: 14
Its chill and drizzling..! I came  out from home and  started to dance in rain , each rain droplet made me feel lil better, then and around I found someone staring at me, I started to escape from his eyes but damn His eyes and looks have a sparkle which made me to attract him more by danci  Read More...
Published on May 5,2020 02:10 PM