Vinisha Panwar

Just Say It

By Vinisha Panwar in Romance | Reads: 163 | Likes: 0

There are times, when saying it loud matters a lot but still we are unable to gather the required strength. While the outside world always assume that it’s too easy to say it when you can’t take it. But, the one who face it, knows the real truth. He/She can’t just say as the enviro  Read More...

Published on May 3,2020 02:43 PM

A wonderful spin of love

By Vinisha Panwar in Romance | Reads: 201 | Likes: 0

Avni’s family was too conservative but she was too modern to be living her life in a conservative mode. At-least her intelligence paid off and she moved to a new city to settle down independently. While, her family wasn’t much happy about this decision of her, they haven’t yet give  Read More...

Published on May 3,2020 02:37 PM

Life is like a Coin

By Vinisha Panwar in Poetry | Reads: 335 | Likes: 0

For the level of belief I had in life In me and in this universe of us Outside it has shown me the truth Inside it has shown me enough love But tough times weren’t just rough Surviving a series of rage bit by bit I was already burnt to the core Yet you kept killing every Single Piece of my hop  Read More...

Published on Apr 30,2020 12:55 AM

An Unexpected Meet

By Vinisha Panwar in Romance | Reads: 215 | Likes: 0

One fine day, an app made us meet. Before I could think on my approach, she left her number for me to explore. Never knew why she was so straight forward with me, maybe she wanted to see my return on investment too soon than to simply forget. I got the cue and waited no longer to connect. Instead of  Read More...

Published on Apr 30,2020 12:47 AM

Small town fever inside

By Vinisha Panwar in Poetry | Reads: 173 | Likes: 0

Dreams of big city born & raised upon The Shoulders of a little Mind Carrying coins of strength, When being tossed by luck One who belongs to Tiny roads full of mud Landed in shiny space Of newly known Landscape Yet the smell of muddy waters Surrounding the local shops were living And Growing in  Read More...

Published on Apr 28,2020 04:17 AM

Herd of Clowns

By Vinisha Panwar in Poetry | Reads: 228 | Likes: 0

Was it me or was it you? While our love faced a breakdown I could feel us passing Through a herd of clowns You, me, he and she All of us just pretended to be Before we could say goodbye Our real selves died hard under the sea Instead of coming out as a wave outside You were watching all of this, ar  Read More...

Published on Apr 24,2020 12:28 AM

Beachy night curtains

By Vinisha Panwar in Poetry | Reads: 237 | Likes: 0

That Voice I so adore was an outcast In sunny day of beach shores When everyone so tall and so short Enjoyed the gallons of water Flowing across the sundried floor I waited with yet not so smoked Cigarette in my hand For to let day close its door Untimely wait with pretentious eyes Kept enjoying sun  Read More...

Published on Apr 21,2020 04:47 PM

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