10 Years of Celebrating Indie Authors

Umme Kulsum

My Woman's Story

By Umme Kulsum in Romance | Reads: 111 | Likes: 0

We meet up at our balconies. It’s almost midnight. I had a bad day. We need to talk. I need to talk. ‘I did the dishes today. There was this one iron pot. I finished a quarter bottle of soap, scrubbing it enough and got calluses on my fingers..,’ she says. Now she’s showing   Read More...

Published on May 3,2020 09:40 PM

In Life with Everybody

By Umme Kulsum in Thriller | Reads: 145 | Likes: 0

Amana stepped out of bed, drew a curtain and pulled the only wooden chair in her room. Dawn was close and she sat by the window waiting for a phone call. She had been living on her own since years and still would mistake a phone call for the alarm clock. So she had come to believe she was in fact a   Read More...

Published on Apr 12,2020 12:13 AM

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