By Ruchira Garai in Poetry | Reads: 119 | Likes: 0
You see her face in the crowd Embracing her semblance,  Battling the vicious world Quietly enduring the undeserved penance. She might be the one who was thrashed today,  or maybe, the one with a scar, Perhaps the one declared irrelevant or the one, whose body is at war.  Yet you see   Read More...
Published on May 31,2020 10:08 AM
Sweet November
By Jyothi Minnoch in Poetry | Reads: 119 | Likes: 0
I will hold this love until you come to get it we are also broken in so many ways but it gives a reason to pray so we keep the faith and wait I give a voice to what is hurting I give a sound to what is growing although I am quite not sure what it is here in this place where my heart can be found but  Read More...
Published on Apr 24,2020 07:14 PM
The introspection
By Richa Gimmy in True Story | Reads: 119 | Likes: 0
The True Saviour  This is a story about a man who did something that was unexpected from anyone. At a time when people were busy saving their lives and their belongings. There was a man who was different. This is based on the deluge in kerala back in 2018. The flood shook all the people due to   Read More...
Published on Apr 19,2020 09:36 PM
By Harshada in Poetry | Reads: 119 | Likes: 0
I just want you to know it still hurts, Not as much as it used to, but just enough to sometimes skip a beat when your name pops up. I just want you to know that the ghosts of the past are still hiding under my bed, Not as many as there were when you left, but scarcely enough to still remind me of y  Read More...
Published on Apr 24,2020 08:00 PM
Fool's Paradise
By Abhinivesh in Poetry | Reads: 118 | Likes: 0
Fool's Paradise ​ She smelled the roses, ​ he pinched her with thorns​ Heart burned scarlet​ wounded with passion, a sin was born​ What she embraced, he disgraced ​ Love she cherished ​ living in a Fool's Paradise ​ her dreams were perished ​ ​ She cleared the clouds,​ for ecs  Read More...
Published on Apr 24,2020 10:41 PM
Covid19 during World Book Day
By Dipsikha in Poetry | Reads: 115 | Likes: 0
As I sit quiet and look outside my window, A hurricane of thoughts flow, of the mundane daily household chores, Welcome to the quarantine era, I sign! And then, my eyes fall upon my bookshelf gathering dust, books purchased during my travel to my favorite places..  I let not my mind wander; And  Read More...
Published on Apr 27,2020 07:27 PM
Between the fingers
By Siddharth Mehrotra in Romance | Reads: 111 | Likes: 0
Between the fingers ❤️ After a long time, leaving all the work behind, he came to see me but the time we had in our hand was too little to share thousands of memories. We spent hours just talking and little by little I found myself falling for him again.  He removed the clips from my hair a  Read More...
Published on May 25,2020 10:10 AM
By Shivangi Srivastava in Romance | Reads: 111 | Likes: 0
Sidhi Mala's daughter gave her a gift on mother's Day wrapped in a glittery, gaudy paper. She kept it aside and decided to take a look at her terrace garden. Mala loves gardening for two reasons: one it's the best way to utilise her time as a homemaker and two the prototype of the amusement park cre  Read More...
Published on May 25,2020 09:18 PM
My Trapped Soul
By Samadrita Roy in Romance | Reads: 110 | Likes: 0
It was a rainy evening.. I was reading my all-time favourite novel. The room was dark, only the rest chair and my book were lit up by the tiny lamp shade.  The sound of rain and smell of the mud was soothing me. At that very moment I heard a tap on the door. I knew the tap. It was rythemic- the  Read More...
Published on Apr 14,2020 11:11 AM
Drum beats
By Monita Priyadarshini in General Literary | Reads: 107 | Likes: 0
It was a new morning when she woke up, yet different from everyday since her birth. She was hearing drum beats, which was quite unusual. She began remembering her sister's marriage. No decorations, no sweets, only some drums beats and cries. "Why today?" , she thought. As she walked through the doo  Read More...
Published on Apr 30,2020 06:31 PM
The Welcome Rain
By Michelle Gomes in Poetry | Reads: 106 | Likes: 0
The smell of petrichor  Fills the air. I breathe in deeply My lungs full of their fair share. Raindrops splatter  One by one And then in mighty torrents They come down Bringing respite  From the sweltering heat Cooling the mighty earth With their every beat.    Read More...
Published on May 25,2020 03:22 PM
One More Time
By Sagar Udaseen in Poetry | Reads: 104 | Likes: 0
*One More Time* The hill of my heart weathering and renewing, The lichen ligated to it ousting and emerging!  Windswept crevices eroded by water, Fervid for change  and a deep desire! An ephemeral rock breathing on fire, Ready to revive the hidden sapphire! This time you visit  th  Read More...
Published on May 24,2020 12:59 PM
Born again
By Malika in Poetry | Reads: 103 | Likes: 0
It's time to be born again  To deconstruct the self I Isolate to elevate  The chrysalis is my armour It is pulchritudinous outside I'm sure A dreadful battle I fight inside My organs are now matter They no longer matter I am still breathing  How I don't know Caspases devour me I am st  Read More...
Published on May 21,2020 06:17 AM
Reign's End
By Anushka Das in True Story | Reads: 102 | Likes: 0
There it was. So beautiful , so pure. It’s mere presence radiated joyousness , it burst into perfect strands of raucous laughter. It’s aura lured, it’s beautiful spectre beckoned. It burned too brightly and if you got too close, you burned with it. It was so close and yet unreacha  Read More...
Published on May 17,2020 09:01 AM
By Mayukh in General Literary | Reads: 99 | Likes: 0
It was hardly a year that I had met Oliver and we decided to get married. I was twenty six then. Oliver was twenty eight. Even though we had known each other for almost a year, a new found closeness developed, fueled by the happiness that comes with a wedding, new people, new friends, and new e  Read More...
Published on Apr 3,2020 04:44 PM