Selfless Hidden Hero
By hiba irfan in General Literary | Reads: 233 | Likes: 7
Selfless Hidden Hero   These 3 words describe the protagonist of this story, often prejudiced and unheard. I am sure you all have witnessed and lived with him but again would have overlooked his efforts or taken him for granted.     "Heard you guys are expecting a baby. May  Read More...
Published on Apr 22,2020 06:13 PM
Under the floor of heaven
By Deepika Paul in Romance | Reads: 232 | Likes: 7
"Till now you have not done up with your hair" my mother yelled with a bang on the door. I remained seated at my dressing table resembling Madame Tussaud's creation. My fingers cuddled among themselves with the sweat of anxiety. Twee-Twee, my phone flashed : "Hey,I'm here,unable to control my pangs   Read More...
Published on May 7,2020 01:12 AM
By Shruti in Poetry | Reads: 224 | Likes: 7
Life is like a mandala! A never ending journey of soul. That embraces the element you put in it, And the color which you fill it with! It gives you all the freedom how you want to make it, Bold, dramatic, serene, beautiful or all of this!        Asymmetrical  Read More...
Published on May 14,2020 03:19 PM
I still love you
By deepshree Chauhan in Romance | Reads: 208 | Likes: 7
I STILL LOVE YOU                    “My feelings are all over for you, just get lost from my life”!! The last message from him and Jannat , the 99.9 nonstop radio and the most happening girl becom  Read More...
Published on Jun 3,2020 04:45 AM
Yours truly
By HARINI MANIAM R in Romance | Reads: 191 | Likes: 7
It was a lovely summer morning and an active day for all of us, as we were about to receive our test papers. The entire class were at the end of their seats; few hustles here and there, yet the feeling of nervousness was common in all. The huge bundles of papers laying on the teacher’s table a  Read More...
Published on May 12,2020 11:13 AM
I Heart You
By HARINI MANIAM R in True Story | Reads: 182 | Likes: 7
A walk down the memory lane in the life of a girl, who truly loved him. On a busy day, roads flooded with vehicles of all kind, there she was going with her mom to a grocery store. A serene girl, full of spirit, enjoyed her life to the fullest.  Until one day, where she discovered unusual happ  Read More...
Published on May 13,2020 08:08 PM
Nincompoop of my life
By Shria Rajesh Mishra in Poetry | Reads: 136 | Likes: 7
He never brushes his teeth, never cleans his tongue, He's my brother dumb, beautiful and young. Although he looks so charming, his mouth smells so foul, He's my brother stupid, cute night owl. He's lazy, stubborn and he thinks he's boss of me, He's my brother a nincompoop, who loves everything that'  Read More...
Published on May 28,2020 10:10 PM
Finding Us
By Chitra Padmana in Romance | Reads: 591 | Likes: 6
She didn’t stop till she’d run up to the terrace, where she now stood alone with her eyes closed, remembering how to breathe air into her lungs. Perhaps she shouldn’t have had gulped down those blasted tequila shots at all. She was pretty sure that the second she opened her eyes sh  Read More...
Published on Jun 14,2020 12:23 PM
My Grumpy Old Man
By Vandana in General Literary | Reads: 586 | Likes: 6
I was about to 'confirm pickup' on my Uber app when my father interrupted. ‘I think we should take an auto from outside,’ he said. I told him that it would be unwise to walk half a kilometer just to ride an auto in this scorching sun. He, in his usual complaining tone, lamented rather lo  Read More...
Published on May 15,2020 08:04 PM
Rise and Resurrect - Inspirational Poem about COVID-19
By Sonali Mandal in Poetry | Reads: 580 | Likes: 6
The body suffocates, grace and vigour depart, Mercy I seek - Oh lord! from the bottom of my heart. The virus in my chest Would I jest? Obligation or task,  Not a smile, hug or kiss but time for myself I ask. Protection is needed, a glove and a mask, Social distancing and isolation is not a mamm  Read More...
Published on Apr 2,2020 05:00 PM
Little Gestures Matter the Most !
By Kargila Ranganathan in True Story | Reads: 542 | Likes: 6
Every morning, I used to take an auto to work. Just like the new day, it used to be a different auto and different driver every other day. Therefore, after completing my ride, never have I failed to confess my gratitude to the driver. Isn’t it my duty to pay the driver for his service?Similarl  Read More...
Published on May 10,2020 11:57 AM
By Satish Kumar R in General Literary | Reads: 539 | Likes: 6
You’re probably thinking that I wrote the disease name wrong. Well! It is not a disease, it is a vaccine. It is a wakeup call. Let me make it clear. Covid-19 is the disease. Covid-20 is the vaccine. It is the vaccine to save ourselves in 2020 from the aftermath of Covid-19. Read through to see  Read More...
Published on Apr 12,2020 08:42 PM
By Amelia Moses in General Literary | Reads: 539 | Likes: 6
 I’ve always wondered about words, where they come from, how they arose, why they mean so much to some and so little to others. Some words bring joy and some, gloom and doom. They say words are powerful, they hold the power to change a person’s life, her path over time. What is it a  Read More...
Published on May 16,2020 05:43 PM
A Courageous Escape
By Bharti in Crime | Reads: 534 | Likes: 6
Naisha kicked the plate of food that was placed in front of her. She could feel sharp hunger pangs as she hadn't eaten in last two days but couldn't muster courage to eat the food which smelled awful. The place she was in ,was dark and extremely cold. She used to be scared of darkness but in t  Read More...
Published on Apr 29,2020 10:01 PM
By Sonali Mandal in Poetry | Reads: 473 | Likes: 6
As each day is passing by- The death curve is taking its high. What will happen to business, economy, and jobs? The rich palpitates and the poor sobs. Sinking deep, morale and motivation- Getting consumed by the surfeit of information. Stressed state of mind is taking a toll- Learning new skills, t  Read More...
Published on Apr 11,2020 03:07 PM