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Dusk till Dawn

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SOMETHING WAS CALLING OUT TO HER... "she had no idea what it could be, or what it could possibly want from her. She was trying hard to get it out of her way but lately her sleep had been filled with demons from the past. Each morning she woke up with a feeling of going down to the abyss" - Welcome to her life Thus begins Kritika hazarika's poetry book- DUSK TILL DAWN

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By kritika hazarika in Poetry | Reads: 339 | Likes: 1

The night yearned  for shallow breaths  as she lost herself  to some alluring  heaths lying by the abiding calm, surrounded by  the wild sky casting shades in the moonlight  her gleaming soul spoke depths to the ever-changing  night haul.  And of the silences&  Read More...

Published on Mar 22,2020 10:02 PM

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