AV ~ Aashish Vaishnava

Golf Course Architect, Philosopher, Author & Poet
Golf Course Architect, Philosopher, Author & Poet

AV has travelled & schooled in various parts of India. The diverse exposure to multidimensional spiritual & religious heritage made him interested in philosophy, psychology, theology, ontology, occultism, art & mysticism at an early age. Born in the lap of Kashmir's Mystical Himalayas & in the family of Vaishnavites from the Holy Himalayan Hills of Uttarakhand, AV was blessed to be raised with the disciplined armed forces family values.  While schooling he got hooked on to playing golf which taught him some of life's important lessons. AV considers Golf as one of his Gurus to make him realiseRead More...


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Golf Course Design & Development

Books by Aashish Vaishnava

Developing a golf course as part of an integrated township or resort is a major business decision. From a purely investment point of view, a golf course proves to have a strong track record in increasing price and sales of adjacent residential real estate, it drives demand for clubs, hotels & resorts as well. Golf courses can act as a useful tool for upscale developments if designed, built and operated in a professional manner to provide a viable return on inv

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meaning of being alive

Books by Aashish Vaishnava

"mba ~ meaning of being alive" is a spiritual book of words to express the meaninglessly meaningful life coming straight from author's heart. the irony is, av has to give meaning to words to make you understand that life is not in the words we use, not the meanings we give, not the thoughts we think.

life is when the meanings are dropped & you listen to the silence between the words. the journey of spirituality starts with questions, like who am i? why

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alexander the diogenes

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“it is easier to conquer than to surrender”   i have heard a story that once king alexander (the great) paid a visit to philosopher diogenes (the cynic). while crossing his village. diogenes was sunbathing when alexander stood by him and said, i have heard a lot about you and i am i  Read More...

Published on Mar 31,2020 08:19 PM

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