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Chandra B Singh

Technocrat and Book Writer
Technocrat and Book Writer

I have keen interest in reading and writitng. My passion is to read the books as much as I can. I write the books to share my own ideas and thought with people.   I am IIT Roorkee Graduate and Class 1 Govt. Officer. I get posted to various places of the country and thus get exposed to different cultures, religion, languages.Read More...

Multiplication Times Tables for Kids

Books by Chandra B. Singh

This book is helpful for kids ages 5 to 10. The book has more than times tables. It includes - 

-  Multiplication Tables 1 to 20
-  Multiplication Tables 21 to 40
-  Multiplication Tables at a Glance
Squares and Cubes of Numbers 1 to 30
Roman Numbers
Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers
Cardinal Vs Ordinal Vs Nomi

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आरती संग्रह

Books by चन्द्र भूषण सिंह

इस आरती संग्रह में विभिन्न देवी - देवताओं की आरती का समावेश किया गया है ।

1. नवरात्र की नौ दिन आरती ।

2. सप्ताह के सातों दिनों की आरती । 

3. देवियों की आरतियाँ

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Shapes Colouring Book for 2 to 6 Year Old Kids

Books by Chandra Bhushan Singh

This book is an activity book for kids aged 2 to 6 years old. Kids will enjoy colouring the shapes and will learn them at a young age. This activity book aims kids to identify various basic shapes, size, colour.

Main Highlights of this activity book - 

1. Good colouring books for kids 2 to 6 years old;

2. Colouring books for kids with

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चालीसा महासंग्रह

Books by चन्द्र भूषण सिंह

इस चालीसा महासंग्रह में कुल 54 चालीसा दिये गए है जो इसे चालीसा का महासंग्रह बनाता है । इसमे हिन्दू देवी और देवताओं के चालीसा है जिन्हें समय - समय पर गाया जाता है ।  इसमें ये 54 चालीस

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Word Search for Intelligent Kids

Books by Chandra B. Singh

This is the Best Word Search Puzzle Book for Kids!

This book contains 85 Word Search Puzzle for Intelligent Kids of varying difficulties to get you solving puzzles in no time! These are the main features of the book.

1. 85 Fun-filled Word Search Puzzles for Intelligent Kids;

2. Good for ages 6 - 12 Years;

3. This book is Large Print (good for old age puzzler also;

4. Great gift, and a great travel book for a long car or

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My First Word Search Puzzle Workbook for Kids

Books by Chandra B. Singh

Kids learn best when they have fun with any book or any activity.

Help your child learn to read through this fun filled word search book.

This book is filled with 54 exicting word search puzzles. Book will help enhancing multiple skills of your kids: Vowels, Opposites, Rhyming Words, and More!

This is will give fun and educational benefit to your Kindergarteners to second Graders.

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Trace and Write Hindi Alphabets - An Activity Book

Books by Chandra B. Singh

This book is for those who want to Learn Hindi from English

Trace and Write Hindi Alphabets : An Activity Book

Step by Step Guide to Trace Hindi Vowels and Consonants. Learn Hindi Through English Practice Workbook for Beginner's. This book includes -

1. Hindi Vowels and Consonants
2. Step by Step Guide to Trace Letters
3. Large Print Make it Easy for Kids to Practice&nb

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Sudoku Puzzle Game Book Volume 2

Books by Chandra B. Singh

2nd Book of the Classic Sudoku Puzzles!

Sudoku is a logic-based puzzle game that will make your active even at older age.
1. Includes FREE bonus puzzles;
2. Puzzles for every skill level: Beginner to Expert;
3. 50 Easy, 100 Medium, 50 Hard, and Bonus Puzzles;
4. Large Print (Puzzles Font is 20);
5. Easy to Cut Out, wider margins make it easy;
6. Brain teas

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Sudoku for Intelligent Kids

Books by Chandra B Singh

Best Sudoku Book For Kids!

1. 240 Sudoku puzzles of 4X4 size.

2. This is Large Print Edition (Font Size of Puzzles is 20).

3. Easy to Hard difficulty levels.

4. Detailed, step-by-step instructions written to teach someone who has never even heard of Sudoku along with pictures for better understanding.

5. This book is specially designed for kids age 4 years and older, but also good for beginners of all ag

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Slitherlink Loop the Loop Puzzles

Books by Chandra B Singh

Slitherlink Loop the Loop Puzzle Book is unique puzzle book

This book has - 
- Brief History of Loop the Loop Puzzle
- Rules of Puzzle and How to Play
- 108 carefully selected puzzles
- Good to carry on travel

This book is ideal for biginners as well as for experts. 

Book will keep you busy for hours and hours. Sharpen your pencils and get ready for challenging fun!


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Sudoku for Kids - Champions

Books by Chandra B Singh

This Sudoku Puzzle Game Book has lot of fun. Kids will find this book interesting and engaging. The puzzles chosen in this book are designed specially for kids aged 4-12 years. There are 120 kid puzzles starting from easy to hard. Sudoku boosts the logical thinking and deductive reasoning skills of kids at younger age. Sudoku also improves critical thinking and helps in making quick decisions based on available evidences. Each puzzle in this Sudoku puzzle book ha

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