sharbani ghosh

The Balancing Wheel

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The Balancing Wheel One evening while returning from office, I was commuting from Noida to Dwarka by Metro(ladies compartment). As usual, I was listening to music (list of selected songs from my playlist) and was going through my phone applications (WhatsApp/ Facebook/ Instagram/In shorts) randomly.  Read More...

Published on May 16,2020 11:40 PM

Deja vi travel experience

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Deja Vu Experience --- . A few weeks ago, I watched a bengali movie "Ek je chilo raja"(a national award winner). Its an adaptation of the real-life story of Raja of Bhawal alias Sanyasi Raja(1990s)from Raja (bangladesh) to Monk (in Varanasi). Ramendra Narayan Roy was one of the kumars ("prince") of  Read More...

Published on Apr 24,2020 11:05 AM

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