Samiksha Mandurkar

Author and Content Writer
Author and Content Writer

She is a joyful and ambitious Goan writer who loves to show the aesthetic and elegant side of life, emotions and a lot more through musings of her heart through her words. She writes about emotions, expressions and experiences to reach the hearts of others. Being emotional by self, she can feel most of everything and expresses it to the others around, through her way of writing, for others to feel it. She is listed on "Creative Goa - Your Local Talent Directory" ( as a writer and has published her poem in "Fragrance Of Life", Anthology of Poems by Bigfoot Publications Read More...


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The Brown Life

Books by Samiksha Mandurkar

Imagine if the life of brown kids was nothing more than a movie, it would be of almost all of the genres combined. It would be something that would keep the audiences glued to their seats with popcorn between the fingers waiting to be swallowed but unable to move because the audience is so engrossed to see which scene comes next, even though the scenes are their every day. Well, that’s what a brown life is - Suspense, Thriller, Science and Fiction, Famil

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The Cosset

By Samiksha Mandurkar in Horror | Reads: 8,180 | Likes: 84

“Mom, open the door, Emma here. ” The sudden knock on the door got her on her knees quivering with fear.  It had been raining profusely for the last few days. One could hear the thunder and the shatters around every corner of the house. The bright flashes of lightning passed through  Read More...

Published on Jul 10,2022 01:02 AM

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