Manasi Patil

creating change by being the change
creating change by being the change

Manasi Patil, a 15-year-old changemaker, believes in and promotes youth leadership, and encourages Gen-Z to be problem solvers. Manasi is the author of two books that provide insight into society (written when she was 14), as well as a blogger and columnist. She is a STEM researcher who advocates #girlsinSTEM. Manasi speaks as a keynote and TEDx speaker on subjects that need to be addressed at global events and conducts workshops in schools and organizations. Manasi seeks to reinforce the Gen-Z potential and help them build an innovative outlook on their aspirations to shape a cut-over tomorroRead More...


The Cousins' Crime

Books by Manasi Patil

This Summer, nothing is safe at the Glazer's Bakery.

Not even the bakery itself!

It's summer vacation for Krisha. Being selected as the 'Summer Detective', she can't wait to carry out her duties.

When, on an usual visit to the bakery, the cash register is robbed, it prompts the owner, Sneha Kaur, to tell Krisha about the other sinister threats and happenings going on in the bakery.

Disguised as a waitress, Krisha tries to figure

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Why Ignore Them?

Books by Manasi Patil

Never noticed before!

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People are trying to solve many global issues.

But what if some major problems are just been ignored?

There are some issues that are not the ones which first come to our mind when thinking of the world problems.

These can be solved only through right actions.

What are those? Well, find out!


In ‘Why Ignore Them?’ y

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To My Brother

By Manasi Patil in Poetry | Reads: 207 | Likes: 1

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Diamonds are precious, And so are you. Orchids are white, They grow in a pair, Rare cats are black, And so is your hair. Sunflowers reach, Up to the skies, Chocolates are brown , And so are your eyes. Horses in pastures, Surround the farms, A summer night is warm,  Read More...

Published on Feb 23,2021 09:29 PM

On Top of the Cake

By Manasi Patil in Fantasy | Reads: 518 | Likes: 2

In the Spider-world, lives a spider, Toby. While the others are selfish, working for themselves, Toby is a kind spider. But the ones he helps? No way do they change. They mock him. “Kindness is just a fairy found on top of a cake at the center of a rainbow.  There is no place for her in t  Read More...

Published on May 28,2020 11:47 PM

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