Arnav Jhunjhunwala

Writer and Entrepreneur
Writer and Entrepreneur

Arnav writes fantastical and riveting novels, tying in the raw truths of life. He lives in India and graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, USA. This has helped him nurture an evolving wholesome worldview. When he is not writing fiction, he is busy writing poetry or thoughts at He stays abreast of modern technologies and the progress in diverse fields. The Internet fascinated him since the days of 56 kbps speeds. For entertainment, he plays Modern Warfare and Cricket. Contemplative books and films have always excited him and inspired him to write since he was 8 years old. HRead More...


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Quinine For The Creature

Books by Arnav Jhunjhunwala

A contemporary collection of poetry that spans two decades. The themes of love and relationships, dreams and desires are masterfully explored in these vivid and flavorful poems.

The creature within us needs the occasional medicine for relief which the interlinked themes explored in these poems attempt to provide. Love and relationships, and the state of affairs of the world are explored in inventive settings with a refreshing style. De

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Lizards and Kings

By Arnav Jhunjhunwala in Sci-fi | Reads: 256 | Likes: 0

I've discovered new information about household lizards. They aren't from the reptile family. They aren't animals or insects. They aren't even organic. Household lizards, the kind sitting on your wall right now, are actually sophisticated Chinese machinery that the British East India Company had tra  Read More...

Published on Jun 17,2020 12:57 PM

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