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Madhev Dua

Tantra educator, entrepreneur, musician, writer.
Tantra educator, entrepreneur, musician, writer.

Madhev Dua is a young writer who grew up between musicians and philosophers and developed a structured knowledge of music, and esoteric sciences. Intensive training in Tantra, Indian occult, sacred geometry and Yoga has influenced his writing and art. He co-founded the brand 'Bannsri' that expresses the art of Indian ethnic artisanry. As a student of management and spirituality, Madhev envisions to collect a group of beings who understand perfect harmony and freedom from egotism and duality. Read More...


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The manifestation

Books by Madhev Dua

Ishitva is a boy in his late teens who lives with his sister Meera, in one of the most beautiful towns of the highlands. Ishitva struggles to experience life without too many identities that he forced upon himself over time. He observes an anomaly in his town that was apparently brought about by a group of scientists who were newly moving into the boy’s neighbourhood. Ishitva follows the anomaly, trying to investigate, and finds himself in an unseen corn

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Color pink

By Madhev Dua in Poetry | Reads: 63 | Likes: 0

Is it a blessing, my love? To come together and sit To feel and not to think Because I am tired Of the outside What is it that we’re feeling now And why do I have a lump in my throat? This has happened before When I was little Sitting on a shore Of a pink ocean of memories Because the paintbrush w  Read More...

Published on Feb 28,2021 02:33 PM

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