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Abhinaya Muralidharan


Everyone would have had a story in your head. A story with all imaginary people or yourself with some imaginary person and situations, just building that story in your mind when you are bored. Abhinaya writes the stories which are half - built in her mind, giving them a soul which could entertain people . These stories don't begin somewhere or end in one way. The people in these stories don’t have names or identities. She started writing these under the name Infinity writer on Instagram and mirakee.Read More...

He and She in Micro tales

Books by Abhinaya Muralidharan

About the Book:

They have a blank sheet and a pen beside them. There is writer’s block of problems and plot points of people for them to face.  Read along and find out how ‘he & she’ crafts their own lives. It could be you, it could be me, or it could be anyone. Anyone you wanted it to be.  At the end of the day, your lives are yours to craft.

About WriteFluence:

WriteFluence is an innovative

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