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Born on the 21st of February, 2007, Varad Bhutda lives in Kalyan with his family. Apart from studies, whenever he gets some time, he likes cooking and reading novels. You can contact him here: - thestromplers@gmail.comRead More...


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The Stromplers

Books by Varad Bhutda

Robinet Sheltron, along with Evelina Sterok and Alberto Tendorge, is ready to risk his life to defeat the Stromplers. Nobody else had dared to do this before.

The Stromplers are some creatures. Unwanted, triple-handed, weird, creatures. What we only know, is that they kidnap people. They are inexplicable. Once again, the Stromplin island is captured by them. The people there say that the island is cursed by those creatures.

This time there are

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The Body Under the Covers

By Varad Bhutda in Crime Thriller | Reads: 3,103 | Likes: 5

A shabby room with nothing in order, Delhi. A teen boy with an unknown expression under a scarf that covered his face. Yes! I told myself. It is the right time. I had the knife in my hand. It was around two in the night. In the month of July, the rain was crashing onto the cement streets. We had jus  Read More...

Published on Oct 7,2022 02:27 PM

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